What to Expect on the GMAT Integrated Reasoning Section

The GMAT Integrated Reasoning section, added in 2012, is the newest section of the all-important test for business professionals.

How Is the Integrated Reasoning Section of the GMAT Scored?

This section is scored separately from the overall score, on a scale of 0-8, in whole-point increments. There are 12 questions, many of which have multiple parts, and partial credit is not given for incomplete answers.

The GMAT Integrated Reasoning Question Types

The GMAT Integrated Reasoning section tests a student’s ability to interpret data from a variety of different sources. There are four different question types in the GMAT integrated reasoning section.

  • Multi-Source Reasoning: This question type gives you three different tabs of information in various formats.
  • Two-Part Analysis: This type of question requires a two-part answer selected from five different options.
  • Table Analysis: This question type requires students to analyze a table by sorting it according to different categories.
  • Graphics Interpretation: Students must answer questions about information presented in a scatter plot, XY graph or Venn diagram.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) offers examples of each question type on its website.

How to Study

The GMAT Integrated Reasoning section tests skills in a manner similar to other sections of the test. For example, a two-part analysis question may resemble a critical reasoning question in a different format. This means that additional studying is not necessary for the Integrated Reasoning section; however, it is still important to review a few practice sections in order to become familiar with the testing format.

The section packs many difficult questions into a short time period. Many people do not actually finish the section, so it is important to be strategic with time management. Students may benefit from determining which question type gives them the most difficulty before arriving for the test. They could then answer these questions only after finishing all others.

There are many free resources available to prepare for the Integrated Reasoning section; for example, Manhattan Prep offers a free online interactive lesson. Students may want to take advantage of these free resources to help them study.

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GMAT: Integrated Reasoning Sample Question Types

ManhattanPrep: Integrated Reasoning

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