A criminal justice career may be ideal for military personnel

Are you a veteran searching for your next call of duty? Or maybe you have college credit towards a degree that you began prior to joining the military, but haven't yet completed. Regardless of your situation, you can complement your military background with a criminal justice degree online.

Your military service counts

The online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is ideal for military personnel of all ages and stages — active duty, reservists and veterans. Also, you may be able to use GI Bill benefits to help fund your degree. Enroll in an online criminal justice degree program and finish your educational journey by studying disciplines such as criminology, law, ethics, technology, history and sociology. You can also develop research, analytical and communication skills that may be valuable to a current supervisor or future employer.

Criminal justice careers

Click around on several online job boards, and you'll discover that criminal justice careers are bountiful. Civilian employers may be looking for candidates like you who have leadership skills, military experience and a criminal justice degree, which could be useful in any number of occupations. Federal marshal, border patrol agent, game warden, police detective, paralegal and sociologist are just a few career possibilities for criminal justice majors. For active-duty personnel, a criminal justice degree can help you move up the chain of command with a promotion in rank and pay as well as more responsibilities. And earning a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice while actively serving can show commanding officers that you are determined to achieve your goals.

Why online?

Pursuing an online criminal justice degree offers the flexibility to enroll at any time and take courses at your own pace, whether you're working, taking care of a family, between deployments or all of the above. All you need is a computer and Internet service to get started on your degree; lectures, homework and class discussions can be accessed from anywhere.

If you've made it through basic military training, you have the focus and dedication needed to complete an online criminal justice degree. Consider taking the next step and enroll in a flexible, convenient degree program that suits you.

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