Bridget Barlow

Occupation: Data Clerk

Program: Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

Start Date: August 2016

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2018

Bridget Barlow

My name is Bridget Barlow, I am a sophomore at Lamar University, and I am studying to obtain a Communications degree. I currently live in the small, but beautiful town of Fairhope, Alabama. Thanks to Lamar’s online program, I am able to take courses and work toward my goal. I am very thankful for both the opportunity and ability to “attend” a reputable and cost effective university without totally giving up my personal life.

While online school has been a great experience overall, I still have times where it feels like too much at once. For example, a couple of weeks ago I was on my seventh week of an eight-week term, meaning that there was more work than usual in preparation for the conclusion of the classes. Not only was it a busy week for school, it was also a busy week for my personal endeavors. I take care of my four-year-old niece full time, while my sister works. This is usually not a big issue, but I also had to go away that weekend for a wedding.

I had two papers and a lengthy interview video that had to be done in a matter of days. I will not lie; I felt like I was never going to get on top of all that I had to do, but when Thursday night came, I knew I could not wait any longer to get my interview done. I nailed down a time and place for it, then we met up and got it done! Knowing that the wedding was Sunday, I had to make sure I could get my papers and test done by Saturday. Though it was not something I wanted to be doing in the moment (because there was a pool downstairs and a beach across the street), I realized that it was the big picture I should focus on: getting my degree! Taking that into consideration, I locked myself in my room and got to typing. Finally at 11:45 p.m. Saturday night, I was finished with all of my school work. A huge weight had been lifted, and I was able to enjoy the wedding with nothing hanging over my head.

While I knew what I had to do, I still found myself floundering to get my work done. Why? All I had to do was put my goals in perspective, and everything else would fall into place. When I finally stopped to think about what was more important, a little pool time or my future, I had no trouble focusing on the prize. What I am saying is, yes, there will be times when school seems like a total job, but when you realize all you are working for and why, you can find the motivation to get it done!

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My name is Bridget Barlow, I am a sophomore at Lamar University, and I am studying to obtain a Communications degree.

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