Hank Pendley

M.Ed. in Educational Administration

First class start date: November 2016

Anticipated Graduation date: May 2018

Teacher, Midlothian ISD

Hank Pendley

Name’s Hank � a 25 year old Disney addict turned teacher!

I’m a rare breed teacher. I grew up knowing that teaching is what I would do, but always KNEW that teaching upper elementary math was my home. Little did I know that my personal preference had little control over where I completed an entire academic school year student teaching � in a Kindergarten classroom, which ended up being the most rewarding and life-changing experience. I fell in love with literacy and the idea that every child starts with a new experience with me every day. This is my third year teaching Kindergarten in a suburb about 30 minutes south of Dallas in the quaint little town of Midlothian. The town is a full of love and amazing students and families. I cannot imagine being anywhere else. It’s home.

While only teaching a lower grade level is not always adequate for an aspiring principal, I know that I will soon have to spread my wings and move to a grade level where I will be administering the state mandated test. But for now, I am completely content with my current position.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in May of 2014. I have just completed my first class in the online environment. I am used to completing classes in this type of setting, but I am just learning how to adjust my career, personal life and my life as a new student. Again. I hope I can learn from these experiences as we share together and work towards creating memories.

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I’m a rare breed teacher.

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