Tracy Pompei

M.Ed. in Digital Learning and Leading

First class start date: November 2016

Anticipated Graduation date: May 2018

Teacher, Cross Street Intermediate, Naugatuck

Tracy Pompei

On a cold, sunny morning in the heart of Connecticut, I am happy to expose myself to you because I have nothing to lose. I am loved and I love back. No matter what you might think of me, what’s mine is mine and you can share it, but you can’t take it away. Not because I won’t let you but because it is already inside of me. I carry no shame, no regret, and no expectations or hope. I live simply, strive desperately, and give up nothing...anymore. I try to see what is there instead of what I imagine should be. I have disassembled the fantasies of my youth from the realities of my brain and human nature.

My name is Tracy Lynn Suhy Pompei. I am a 45-year-old mother of three at home, 51 in class, and numerous others whom I would gladly call my own if it were true. I have been teaching fifth and sixth graders for nine years. Currently, I attendLamar as a distance graduate student in the Digital Learning and Leading program with a graduation of May 2018. My greatest strength as I see it, lies in the fact that I am a learner; therefore, I teach.

The foundation of my learning is the deep philosophical reflection that I cannot hide from. It has traveled with me from the beginning, guiding and tripping me all at the same time. I believe that teaching children is an art and a craft that has endured seasons, naturally rugged environments, and moments of truth. I believe that children are the forgotten ones of our long history of chasing equality and that they must be our focus moving forward.

The exposition of a story is to enlighten the reader to the beginning of a journey. And while I am eager to get to the end myself, I must allow it to unfold naturally as all classic literature will do. While this is a blog, and typically known to inform, I am a creatively-technical writer and honest to a fault. Therefore, I will present my ideas to you in the format that feels the most genuine to me. It will not have a traditional beginning, middle, and end. Instead, it will begin with you and for you, and ultimately, for me. I cannot possibly predict where it will go and when and if, it will end. I hope you find this story rings true for you and that you become a character in this new story, because the first thing I know is that we are in this together and there is no way around it.

My first truth is that if one fails, we all fail. Somehow, our human race must face that failure and that might be our greatest fear. And we must face it together, characters brought together by the force of our nature, if we are to succeed.

I was born and raised on stories, taught that life and living could be learned from fairy tales. My environment was loving, nurturing, and wrapped in shiny fiction. As I grew, the truth would knock me down more times than I care to relive – my mind absorbing every word, every line, and every gesture. The friction between the fantasy and the reality scrapes together my paradoxical view of humanity: cynical and native.

If you had met me when I was little, you might have thought I was cute and maybe even enjoyed my company with a good laugh. At two, I had white pigtails and an innocent light behind my smile. At eleven, I bounced from room to room unable to contain my excitement about what was to come – the light a little dimmer but still hopeful as I insisted on being the teacher in a classroom of two. At 14, smiling, yet slightly slumped with the burden of an unfolding truth, you might have thought I was the happiest person you ever met. Joy was written all over my exterior...sometimes. My family though, they knew something different. They saw someone in peril, lost, alone in her mind – they were just as incapable of understanding her as she was them.

If you had known me as a teen and young adult, you wouldn’t have known I would be sitting here today at my computer in my backyard narrating my own story for Lamar University, while the turkeys, who somehow made it through another Thanksgiving, peck the grass 10 feet away. When I look back on those days, I see a rebel without a cause. My sole purpose then was to extinguish the ideological view of the world that had torn me apart, to assimilate to my environment, to be one of them. I might have been successful except that I wasn’t. The darkness would eventually expose itself and bring me to my knees once again, stronger each time, making it difficult to pull myself up and try again.

I had dark days. Darker than a child is supposed to. Those days were heavy with confusion and cognitive disconnection. I still can’t retrieve the beginning of some of those threads but they are there, locked in the thick cloud-cover of stories, time, circumstance, and misfired emotions. They serve a purpose, as all things do, that guide me to the light of my role. So, here I am through thick and thin to communicate to you what I know, what I have learned, and what I believe. I will not bore you with who I am today just yet because I would like you to make up your own mind. Make your own connections if you will and communicate them to me so that maybe we can spark a new idea. Something that will be dynamic and good, nurtured in a natural way, and maybe change the direction of humanity so that we can someday tell a new story, set in a real environment, with real characters, imagination, dignity, and fantastic truth.

Recent Entries


June 18, 2017

I feel compelled to begin my late post with why it is late. In the beginning days of this week, I tried to write what I think about learning. Then, I did some research on the theories and collected my initial thoughts again on separate paper.

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Life’s Crucial Conversation

May 17, 2017

The classroom is full of crucial conversations. FULL! When we engage children in discussions all day, which is what we should be doing, we are delivering them into conflict, almost literally.

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Why Fear Wins

April 10, 2017

I am currently enrolled in Digital Learning and Leading and what a great program this is! I think I love it most because it is relevant to everyone because we are all learners and we all live in this technical environment.

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The Emerging Eportfolio

March 1, 2017

I am beginning to see the paradigm in my own pedagogy and it gives me inspiration to know that this paradigm is where we seem to be heading in the broader conversation that is becoming teaching and learning theory and practice.

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Show and Tell

February 19, 2017

If I think back as hard as I can, or just listen to my students and imagine their show and tell, I can see teddy bears, souvenirs, family photos, toy cars and boats, even dinosaurs or Lego towers.

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A Reflection on Eportfolio Learning

January 24, 2017

Distance Learning: A Reflection on Eportfolio Learning in an Online Graduate Program

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Fantastic Exposition

December 30, 2016

On a cold, sunny morning in the heart of Connecticut, I am happy to expose myself to you because I have nothing to lose.

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