Brilliantly Studious

By Robin Heminger

Robin Heminger

My biggest fear when I went back to school was whether I would have enough time to study, work and take care of my family. I believe finding time to study is the most worrisome plight for most students. Whether you are a traditional student, a night school student or an online student, finding extra time in your day can seem impossible. (This may be the most challenging aspect of going to school.) Many college students are working full- or part-time jobs, taking care of families and volunteering for important causes. How do you find time to study when you are already wearing so many different hats?

I have found less is more! To be successful, I plan my week ahead of time and list all activities and commitments on one calendar. I then review the calendar to find free moments for brilliant studying to occur. I usually find I have more free time than I expect. For example, if you have textbooks, carry them with you to appointments to read and review while you are waiting. Take snapshots of your notes with your smartphone and study them on your breaks at work. Online courses often include recorded lectures you can watch while you wait for dinner to cook or take a walk around the neighborhood. My favorite study technique is to record myself reading my written notes aloud so I can then listen to the playback while running errands or commuting to work.

If you overwhelm your schedule with large blocks of time, you will build a roadblock that feels daunting and impossible. By breaking up your study commitments into smaller chunks of time, you will create study stops along the road of life. Soon, you will find you are achieving more with the free time you did not know you had! The trick is to be brilliantly studious and you will achieve all your dreams!

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