Goodbye Summer, See You Next Time

By Izzy Tovar

Izzy Tovar

Summer is sadly coming to end for me and I am currently working on my final assignments for my three summer courses. As excited as I am to have another semester under my belt, I am sad that summer is ending. I go back to work the first week of August and I am going to miss being a stay-at-home mom. I had the most wonderful time with my son. It feels like I was just writing about how excited I was about summer break... and now it’s over.

We did accomplish a whole lot this summer as a family. We moved into our very first home; I took a full summer class schedule; and my husband re-enlisted in the air force. We did not get to do anything vacation-wise, but the time that we had together was great!

So what’s next? I am hoping to graduate in May, so I have to take eighteen credit hours during the fall. I am totally ready! It seems like a whole lot sometimes but I keep picturing my perfect little boy cheering for his mom as I walk across that stage, and that is the best motivation that I can ever have.

My goal for next semester is to make all A’s, so wish me luck because I am going to need it.

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