Have Fun, but Be Safe

By Rebecca Montgomery

Rebecca Montgomery

It is finally summer time, and the question we ask ourselves the most is how should we spend it. Some of us, such as myself, will be taking classes. Others will be traveling somewhere sometime during this summer break. Others will be working, interviewing, or simply relaxing. I had planned on traveling this summer, in which I had two trips planned, but due to unforeseen circumstances I have had to cancel the one for June; that trip was Vegas. But I won’t be sour about it, because family comes first and so does paying the bills.

Since my last blog, a lot has happened. First and foremost, I have given up Cokes for over a month now. It was hard, but it is a nice feeling to know that I have done it. We never know how much we let cravings control us, until we give one up. Also, I have two weeks to go in my weight training program with Jamie Eason. It has been tough but I am less than 20 days away from completing the program. Although the scale has not changed its number much, I have seen a huge change in my body, and that is what counts. I plan to continue to be dedicated to this journey of mine to sculpting the healthy body that I know that I can have.

Now for the two negatives that have occurred this month: One was my boyfriend was hit by a drunk driver in my vehicle, when he was coming home from work. I cannot express enough while you are on summer break, please do not drink and drive!!! The night of the accident, my phone line went down at home because my internet was down. My boyfriend had to call friends of mine, who he knew could reach me. I received a knock on the door at roughly 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, Memorial weekend. What gets to me the most was that I was supposed to be in that vehicle that night to drive him to work and pick him up. But because I had barely slept in two days, he had talked me into staying home and just letting him take my car. I did and we were lucky that no one was hurt. The drunk driver went to jail, and Matthew walked away unhurt, but my car was totaled. Two weeks later Matthew was involved in another car accident, in which the driver did a hit and run, more than likely because that person was drunk too. When the sheriff’s office arrived, they thought they were arriving at a DOA, which means dead on arrival. The other vehicle had hit Matthew’s vehicle into a light pole, although this time he was not so lucky to come out unharmed. Matthew received three broken ribs and soft tissue damage to his neck. Glass was plucked from his head, not to mention being knocked unconscious. Again that night Matthew could not reach me, this time it was my cell phone that was not taking the calls he was making. My mother called and told me, because she was the only one that he could reach.

I cannot express enough to use smart decisions. I never thought I would be a part of someone getting hurt or being involved with what a drunk driver could cause. When going out this summer and having a great time with family and friends, please make smart choices and get an Uber, taxi, or a designated driver. Because I can tell you as the person who receives the call or the knock at the door, your heart plummets to your stomach, and you can’t help but wonder, why these bad things are happening to you, what you could have done differently to help prevent this. But it’s not the person’s fault who was coming home from work or the person’s fault that is receiving the horrible call, but it is the person who decided to drink and drive, when they thought they were okay. Don’t chance it, people! The second accident almost left his children fatherless, because of one stupid decision. Have fun this summer, but be safe, and make the right choices, not the wrong choices.

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