You Can Always Count On Change

By Rebecca Recco

Rebecca Recco

One thing you can always count on in life is change. In the past year, I’ve suffered the deaths of two people very close to me, and I also got a job offer that I couldn’t refuse that requires me to move cross-country. A year ago, when I first started looking into enrolling in this program, I had no idea that moving would ever have been in the cards for me. Life had different ideas.

In April, I was visiting my stepson in Seattle when my oldest son passed away due to an undiagnosed condition. This was the most horrible news a mother could get, and of course, it put a halt on everything in my life, from my own job to my grad school work. I was still reeling from the death of my beloved great aunt a month prior. I immediately contacted my professor, who helped me figure out my options for grad school. It turns out that, though my program is fast and intense, it is designed with some wiggle-room for extended research or events such as this one that could create a problem moving forward. After some deep soul-searching, I decided to stay in the program and see if I could do the work in my state of shock and grief or if I needed to take some time off. For me, since the work was so meaningful to me, I found it therapeutic to have something that sort of forced me to think about things other than my own grief for a while. It was also comforting knowing that my professor has my back and will help me to do what I need to do to get through the program, even if I find that I need to take time off.

A month later, I was offered a job that is so perfect for me that I could not turn it down. It requires me to move from West Virginia to California, and I almost turned it down because I knew it would be tricky to make that move on the heels of such tragedy, but I also knew that a change of scenery would be good for me. I had hit a growth ceiling in my current job, so the aspect of trying something new appeals to me.

Had I been enrolled in a traditional graduate program, I think either one of these events could have derailed my work and I would have had to drop out. Because of the flexibility of Lamar’s online learning program, I was able to work out a plan to get my work done and turned in in such a way that I can deal with my life, too.

In just a couple weeks, I will be moving across the country, stopping at coffee shops that offer free Wi-Fi along our route so I can check in and participate in my grad classes. I have been able to access my work for those classes so I can make sure to have all my resources downloaded to my devices before I hit the road. That way I can do my work on the road. Lectures are recorded, so I’ve been able to listen to the lectures, videos, and class discussions as I pack up my house. While this is going to be challenging, it’s comforting knowing that there are built-in resources in Lamar’s program that will allow me to deal with whatever life serves up and not have to drop out of school.

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