Mary L. Bartlett, Ph.D.

Mary L. Bartlett, Ph.D.


"Save every syllabus you receive forever."

Degrees Held:

  • Ph.D. in Counselor Education – Auburn University
  • M.A. in Counseling and Personnel Services – University of Maryland
  • B.A. in Mass Communication – University of Wisconsin

Career highlights:
17 years as a practicing clinician, 8 years as a counselor educator, consultant for Department of Defense leadership on suicide and resilience.

When did you start teaching in the online program?
May 2014

What's the best advice that you ever received from one of your professors?
Save every syllabus you receive forever.

Which philanthropic causes are you involved with?
American Association of Suicidology, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Suicide Prevention Resource Center.

What's the most important thing you want students to take away from your class?
Passion for the topic of counseling and their professional identity.

What's the best quote that you've heard to summarize your industry?
"We must do that which we think we cannot do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

What do you think is the biggest challenge that people in your industry face today?
Lack of access to care (which is a historical problem that still exists!).

If you were going to get famous on the internet for something, what would it be?
Suicide prevention and resilience.

What qualities do you think make someone particularly successful in your field?
A commitment to try new challenges and get out of his or her comfort zone.

Who would play you in your biopic and why?
Meg Ryan. Because she is happy, unassuming and enthusiastic.

What's the funniest thing that has happened in one of your classes?
Teaching human sexuality and realizing that much of our daily language has sexual connotations, which made it seem as if I was speaking X-rated in each class.

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