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The M.Ed. in Special Education online degree program is designed to prepare you to serve children across the spectrum of special education. This specialization track is specifically for teacher who want to add an additional specialization to their professional area of teaching.

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Lamar University's M.Ed. in Special Education online prepares you to design curricula and learning environments that nurture the abilities of special education students while helping them manage a range of learning difficulties and behavioral issues.

With a core curriculum based in research, assessment and content specific to the exceptional learner, you will understand how the needs and capabilities of these types of students differ from those developing normally and how best to guide them in their learning process. You will also learn how to assess and evaluate educational status and progress as well as strategies for curriculum modification and behavior management.

*Price includes distance learning fee.

Online Courses

Courses for the M.Ed. in Special Education online are designed to meet the educational requirements of the Council on Exceptional Children. Participation in a specialization area may or may not lead to additional credentialing. It is the responsibility of the student to confirm the requirements for certification and/or endorsement in a specialization area.

Note: Lamar University Graduate Education Programs do not permit students to take coursework for transient credit.

Core Curriculum
PEDG 5310 Research/Current Issues in Education

This course introduces teachers to the design, methodologies, and techniques necessary to understand educational research and to use “scientifically-based research” in making informed decisions which can positively impact student achievement. An emphasis is placed on action research.

Duration: 5 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
SPED 5334 Tests, Measurement & Evaluation

Analysis and evaluation; types of test and measurement devices will be conducted. Methods of determining the reliability and validity of tests are investigated. Designs for testing programs and selection of appropriate tests will be included. Evaluation systems of individuals and programs will be discussed.

Duration: 5 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
PEDG 5340 Normal Human Growth and Development

A study of development and nature of the human personality. Emphasis on psychological and biological experiments.

Duration: 5 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
PEDG 5344 School Law

This course provides teachers a foundation to understand the legal, ethical, and policy dimensions of education. Special emphasis is given to the interpretation of case law, Texas Education Code, and federal and state statutes.

Duration: 5 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
PEDG 5350 The Learning Process

History and systems of learning which have application to the classroom. Current theories and research in pedagogy.

Duration: 5 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
SPED 5361 Survey of Exceptional Learners

General survey of the learning potentials of those children deficient in basic integrities which can be categorized into central peripheral nervous system dysfunction and/or behavioral disorder. Prerequisites: Admission to the Graduate School or Post-Baccalaureate educator preparation program.

Duration: 5 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
READ 5375 Content Area Reading

This course is designed to provide concepts and procedures incorporating reading instructional techniques effectively in the content areas. Emphasis on current teaching practices within the content area classroom.

Duration: 5 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
SPED 5388 Reading/Language Arts for Exceptional Learner

Identification of skill deficiencies, modification of curriculum, designing and implementation of instructional strategies for pupils evidencing disabilities in reading and language arts.

Duration: 5 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
Special Education Courses
SPED 5362 Psychoeducational Evaluation of Exceptional Learners

Simulated experiences in the use of formal and informal methods of appraising and communicating pupils' educational status and progress.

Duration: 5 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
SPED 5364 Behavior Modification and Contingency Management of Disabled Learners

Behavior Modification and Contingency Management of disabled learners; the description of the specific types of learning, the sequence in the learning of school-related tasks and the competencies to manipulate events to effect desired learning. Prerequisites: Admission to the Graduate School or Post-Baccalaureate educator preparation program.

Duration: 5 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
SPED 5365 Instructional Process with Exceptional Children

Competency in developing educational strategies for the remediation, amelioration, or compensation of exceptionality as it interferes with achievement or adjustment in school. Prerequisites: Admission to the Graduate School or Post-Baccalaureate educator preparation program.

Duration: 5 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
SPED 5366 Modification of Curriculum & Instructions for Atypical Learner

This course provides a foundation for the modification of a wide range of educational components such as content knowledge, methods of instruction, and students' learning outcomes through the alteration of materials and programs for a diverse group of learners. Adaptive technologies, differentiated materials and innovative, research-based instructional strategies are explored and applied through practical applications in the K-12 learning environment.

Duration: 5 weeks
Credit Hours: 3


Lamar University's online Master of Education in Special Education offers multiple opportunities per year to enter your program. So once you're ready to start, you won't have wait long!

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Tuition & Financial Aid

For nearly a century, Lamar University has been committed to offering a high quality education that is also accessible to students at all levels of financial need.


Total program cost depends upon transfer hours and program advisement relevant to program requirements. For more information, contact a Lamar University enrollment specialist.


Per Credit Hour. Price includes distance learning fee.

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Lamar University's online programs have specific requirements that applicants must meet to enroll. Please review the admission guidelines carefully. For specific questions or more details, view our admission FAQs.

* All applicants must submit official, sealed, transcripts from each institution attended to the Admissions Office. All degrees must be from a regionally accredited institution. Send transcripts to: Lamar University Online Admissions, P.O. Box 10017, Beaumont, Texas 77710
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Online Application

Submit your application and one-time $25 application fee online.

Teaching Certificate

Submit documentation of your valid, state-issued teaching certificate. Applicants must have at least two years of teaching experience.

Minimum 2.5 Undergraduate GPA

Students with a GPA of 3.0 and higher are eligible for a GRE waiver.

Program-Specific Requirements

Verify the departmental and program-specific admission requirements for this program.