Lisa Williams — School Counselor

Lisa Williams, M.Ed.

"For me, it is all about the students. I am able to impact the lives of a larger number of students with my degree in school counseling."

Degree Earned:

M.Ed. in School Counseling Online

Graduation Date:

December 2016

Job Title and School District:

Middle School Counselor, Wichita Falls ISD

How has this degree affected your professional outlook? What about personally?

I definitely have a new found confidence in my technological abilities, as the whole program is online! Thankfully I have a very supportive husband who helped me learn along the way. Personally, I never dreamed of earning a master's degree. I was content being a high school Spanish teacher, but helping kids has always been my passion, so when I discovered Lamar University and the whole program offered online, I decided to invest further into my education and in turn am now able to help students in a whole new way.

What was your single biggest takeaway from the program?

The manner in which each class was set up was very similar, so after the first class, and getting used to that routine, the next classes were manageable and not bad to keep up with.

How much time per week did you spend on your studies?

20 Hours.

Describe how having an online option made a degree more accessible for you.

I knew I didn't want to spend time driving and sitting in class in the evenings. Completing the whole degree online was the only way I would have gone for it. Simply having a computer, internet access, and a strong signal allowed me to continue my regular routine while working school in around my schedule.

What was one of the biggest challenges during the program, and how did you overcome it?

Although technology was one of the areas of great growth for me during this journey, it was by far the biggest challenge as well. Again, my husband who is quite well versed in technology, was able to help me learn along the way and talked me "off the ledge" many times!

Why did you choose to earn your advanced degree from Lamar University?

Several co-workers had already begun the program through Lamar University, and I had heard them talking about it. The prospect of completing the whole program on line and the cost were both appealing to me. One of my dear friends asked me if I wanted to start the journey with her and we both got registered and went for it!

What advice would you give to a prospective student who is considering this program?

Go for it!

What helped you get through the program the most? What helped you make it to the finish line?

Every month I got a call from my student ambassador, Ashley. She was always so positive and provided a listening ear. Toward the end of the degree, my coworker and former Lamar graduate, Polly, really cheered me on. And of course my husband and grown children who just really supported me all the way through.

Describe your family's thoughts and feelings about you earning your degree.

My husband couldn't be prouder of me, neither could all of my children. We have three grown children, each married and with children. I have 7 grand babies! They are all so proud of their Mimi and threw me a big graduation dinner to celebrate!

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