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Online Education Certificates

Expand your impact as an educator with a focused, fast-paced online certificate program. Our wide range of programs prepares you for diverse roles such as principal, superintendent, mental health counselor and educational diagnostician.

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Why choose our online programs:

  • Competitively priced tuition is paid by the course. Your educational expenses are balanced and predictable.
  • Gain key insights and practices quickly. Our specialized certificate programs are tailored to your career goals and area of interest.
  • Set your own study schedule. Enjoy 24/7 access to 100% online coursework. Study whenever and wherever you want.
  • We accommodate the needs of working professionals with fast-paced, 7-week courses. Choose from multiple start dates and begin soon.

Which online program is right for you?

Graduate Certificate in Vocology

18 months Duration
18 Credit Hours
$5,832 Total Tuition

Move toward your dream job and position yourself for success with an online Graduate Certificate in Vocology from Lamar University. This 18-hour vocology program is the only one of its kind online. The coursework hones your current skills while gaining a strong foundation in acoustics, the anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism, and the ability to analyze and interpret information. Additionally, this vocology program provides essential practical knowledge about voice production and enables you to be an exceptional collaborator with interdisciplinary professionals.

In this program, you will study instrumental voice analysis, auditory perceptual training, and the theoretical aspects of teaching voice. You will also learn to apply the principles of anatomy, physiology, pedagogy, and literature to the habilitation of the performing voice.

Program Certificate in Educational Diagnostician

11 months Duration
21 Credit Hours
$6,814 Total Tuition

This 21-hour program is designed for teachers with three years of experience who want to develop the knowledge base and specialized skill sets to assess and identify children with learning difficulties.

As an educational diagnostician student, you will benefit from one-on-one attention and continuous support from our compassionate, accessible faculty who are also educational leaders. Your success is our priority, and we are committed to nurturing your growth and empowering you with the most relevant and cutting-edge assessment practices.

This post-graduate level certificate program meets the course requirements to become an Educational Diagnostician certified by the Texas State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC). Complete in as few as 11 months.

Program Certificate in Mental Health Counseling

12 months Duration
18 Credit Hours
$5,832 Total Tuition

This 18-hour bridge program is designed for master's-level graduates with a degree in counseling who want to pursue licensure as a professional counselor (LPC). This post-graduate certificate provides the supplementary knowledge and experience needed to meet the 60-hour academic requirement for licensure in Texas.

Program Certificate in Principal Education

9 months Duration
18 Credit Hours
$5,832 Total Tuition

This 18-hour program provides a foundation for principal leadership through management skill development, relationship-building strategies and a five-week internship experience. You must have a master's degree and two years of practical teaching experience in an accredited school to enroll. Complete in as few as nine months.

Program Certificate in Superintendent Education

9 months Duration
18 Credit Hours
$5,832 Total Tuition

This 18-hour program is designed for educators with a principal or mid-level management certification and two years of practical administrative experience. Coursework provides knowledge and skills essential to the superintendent-level certification process plus a five-week-practicum. Complete in as few as nine months.


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