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Our faculty is distinguished not only in the level of expertise they possess in their respective fields, but also in their commitment to helping you become successful.

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Melissa Baldo

Melissa Baldo, J.D. — Instructor

"My teaching career began in 2013 as a result of a last minute phone call from a friend at the University. I thought I would do it for one semester, but I fell in love with teaching and the interaction with all of the students."

Jai-Young Choi, Ph.D.

Jai-Young Choi, Ph.D. — Professor of Economics

"My life-time goal was to be a scholar. Since I chose economics as my specialty, the best way was being an academician who does research and college teaching."

Craig Escamilla, MBA

Craig Escamilla, MBA — Instructor, Management

"As a passionate advocate for new technology, I am constantly interested in the challenge of how to make the online educational experience the best it can be for our students."

Lynn Godkin, Ph.D.

Lynn Godkin, Ph.D. — Professor of Management

"You can't learn without hard work anymore than I can improve my physique without physical effort."

Seokyon Hwang, Ph.D.

Seokyon Hwang, Ph.D. — Associate Professor

"I enjoy teaching and learning with students. I particularly love helping them with career development."

Komal Karani, Ph.D.

Komal Karani, Ph.D. — Associate Professor

"I love teaching. I enjoy sharing what I know and I find I learn as much from listening to my students."

Toni Mulvaney

Toni P. Mulvaney, J.D. — Professor of Business Law

"Live in the present moment. Make the most of each. Always try to be the best version of yourself."

Kelly Weeks, Ph.D.

Kelly Weeks, Ph.D. — Associate Professor

"I truly enjoyed being in school and learning. My dean encouraged me to pursue my Ph.D. Once in the Ph.D. program, I began teaching as an Assistant, and I found I really enjoyed it."

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Mary L. Bartlett, Ph.D.

Mary L. Bartlett, Ph.D. — Professor

"Save every syllabus you receive forever."

Robert M. Carlisle, Ph.D.

Robert M. Carlisle, Ph.D. — Distance Clinical Professor

"My motivation is to make a positive difference in the lives of my students on their educational journey."

Eric Chancy, Ph.D.

Eric Chancy, Ph.D. — Adjunct Instructor

"Students need to know you are a human being and that you care about them."

R.J. Davis, Ph.D.

R.J. Davis, Ph.D. — Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator

"I started teaching because I love to share information. I also believe education can and should be transformative."

O'Tilia Hunter, Ph.D.

O'Tilia Hunter, Ph.D. — Adjunct Assistant Professor

"Counselors do so much for others, and often forget to take care of themselves."

Gary E. Martin, Ed.D.

Gary E. Martin, Ed.D. — Professor

"Thoughts hold feelings, which turn to actions and experiences. Caring, respectful, and loving thoughts bring caring, respectful, and loving people into your life."

Monalisa McGee, Ph.D.

Monalisa McGee, Ph.D. — Adjunct Professor

"Having such a varied background, I have been able to share many stories and experiences that help the students to better understand concepts they are learning in classes."

Donna S. Sheperis, Ph.D.

Donna S. Sheperis, Ph.D. — Associate Professor

"[I want students to take away] a sense of passion about their chosen profession. What we do is so fun! I want students to get a sense of that!"

Tilisa Thibodeaux, Ed.D.

Tilisa Thibodeaux, Ed.D. — Assistant Professor

"I started teaching because of my passion for learning. You will find me reading, researching, and writing every chance I get."

Yulanda Tyre, Ph.D.

Yulanda Tyre, Ph.D. — Contributing Faculty

"I know that balancing work, family and coursework can be challenging, however continue to push through. It will provide dividends that will make positive impact to both your family legacy and the community."

Melissa Wheeler, Ph.D.

Melissa Wheeler, Ph.D. — Distance Clinical Professor

"As a professional in the field, I realized there was a need for advocacy in our profession for underrepresented college student groups. I wanted to teach other counselors how to be advocates for those who may not feel they have a voice."

Porchanee' A. White, Ph.D.

Porchanee' A. White, Ph.D. — Clinical Instructor

"Having such a varied background, I have been able to share many stories and experiences that help the students to better understand concepts they are learning in classes."


Eileen Deges Curl, Ph.D.

Eileen Deges Curl, Ph.D. — Director of Nursing Research Center

"In providing nursing care to patients, I can work with a limited number of patients each day. In teaching students how to become nurses, I can have a greater impact on patients who the students will care for in the future."

Stacey Knight

Stacey Knight — DNP Coordinator of Articulation Tracks – RN to BSN and RN to MSN

"I wanted to be an educator since I was a young girl; being able to combine nursing experience with being an educator is wonderful."

Elizabeth M. Long, DNP

Elizabeth M. Long, DNP — Assistant Professor, Nursing

"Use these courses to improve your patient's outcome, not just to get them completed for your degree."

Ruthie Robinson, Ph.D.

Ruthie Robinson, Ph.D. — Director of Graduate Nursing Studies

"I really enjoy helping nurses get higher degrees and seeing the changes it makes in them. Everything we do to improve ourselves as nurses helps improve the quality of care we can provide our patients."

JT Seaman

JT Seaman — Instructor, RN to BSN

"Live life to its fullest and make every day count. Sometimes, when you feel you are struggling the most is when you are living the most."

Judy Kaye Smith, Ph.D.

Judy Kaye Smith, Ph.D. — Associate Professor, Nursing

"Having such a varied background, I have been able to share many stories and experiences that help the students to better understand concepts they are learning in classes."

Cynthia Stinson, Ph.D.

Cynthia Stinson, Ph.D. — Nursing Department Chair

"I really enjoy the feeling I get when a student understands a concept – and I have helped them understand."

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