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Gain marketable skills to broaden your career opportunities as a voice professional with our online Graduate Certificate in Vocology.

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Program Overview

Expand your professional opportunities with the online Graduate Certificate in Vocology

Vocology is the study and practice of voice habilitation. The Vocology Certificate at Lamar University provides cutting-edge theoretical and practical knowledge while giving you a more marketable skillset. The Vocology Certificate has wide-ranging benefits if you are looking to improve your professional opportunities, such as tenure in a university setting or as a speech pathologist.

This vocology program is the only one of its kind online. The curriculum gives you a strong foundation in acoustics, the anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism, and the ability to analyze and interpret information. The coursework includes essential knowledge about voice production and enables you to be an exceptional collaborator with interdisciplinary professionals.

LU has historically strong programs in music and speech and the hearing sciences, as well as trained faculty specialists. Members of our Vocology faculty are also members of the Pan American Vocology Association.

Total Tuition $6,148*
Duration As few as 18 months
Credit Hours 18

*Distance learning fee is included in the tuition listed

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Members of our Vocology faculty are also members of the Pan American Vocology Association. PAVA fosters the field of vocology through the creation and development of professional standards and credentials in voice habilitation while promoting the enhancement of established credentials.

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Take advantage of our affordable tuition

The following is the tuition breakdown for students pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Vocology online. Our tuition is affordable and can be paid by the course.

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Tuition breakdown:

Total Tuition $6,148*
Per Credit Hour $342


Choose the start date that best fits your schedule

Our Graduate Certificate in Vocology online features multiple start dates to accommodate your busy schedule. Find the start date that works best for you and apply before the application deadline associated with it.

8 week coursesProgram Start DateApplication DeadlineDocument DeadlinePayment DueLast Class Day
Fall 18/22/248/1/248/8/248/15/2410/9/24
Spring I1/16/2512/26/241/2/251/9/253/7/25

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Check out the requirements for the online Graduate Certificate in Vocology

The Graduate Certificate in Vocology online program has specific requirements that applicants must meet to enroll. Please read the admission guidelines to ensure you qualify.

Admission Requirements:

  • Online Application
  • Official Transcripts
  • Bachelor's Degree

  • Submit your application and one-time $25 application fee online
  • Submit transcripts from all colleges/universities you have attended
  • Submit all required supplemental application materials. This includes:
    - Two letters of recommendation
    - A detailed CV
    - A personal statement that can be in a .doc/.pdf format or a video vile/YouTube link that highlights your professional experience and details your professional goals within the field of vocology


Explore our dynamic curriculum

Students are required to complete 18 hours of coursework for the online Vocology Certificate. To learn more about our faculty click here.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
This online course addresses basic human communication and swallowing processes. The course includes both formative and summative assessments.
Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
Speech production is a complex process involving several systems including the neural, respiratory, phonatory, resonatory, and articulatory systems in our body. This online course will deal with the articulatory, phonatory, and resonatory science of speech production.
Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 2
Voice evaluation is a process of using subjective and objective tools to evaluate the parameters involved in voice production. This online course will teach students about the parameters and measures of voice production that are critical to understanding laryngeal function during speech and singing.
Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 1
Auditory perceptual evaluation of voice during speech and singing enables successful clinical and artistic description of voice parameters. Students in this online course will go through a series of voice samples. Auditory, acoustic, and instrumental analysis of voice samples with correlation to physiological basis of voice production will enable students to develop ear training.
Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 2
This online course will review theoretical aspects of teaching the singing/acting voice. The material presented in this course will prepare the student in the understanding and application of the language used by teachers of singing.
Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 2
This online course includes an overview of the research, resources, and history of vocology. Students in this course will read and review books and articles written by principle exponents of the field. By the end of this course the student will develop an understanding of the evolution of vocology, the underlying principles and philosophies of the subject, and recognize important exponents and professional organizations associated with the field.
Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 2
This online course will review basic voice disorders and demonstrate current principles of voice therapy and vocology. Empirical data of evidence-based approaches will be analyzed to understand the efficacy of these approaches.
Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
This online course will allow students to apply principles of anatomy, physiology, pedagogy, and literature to the habilitation of the performing voice.  Students will be provided with applicable tools and resources to aid them in their professional endeavors.

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