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The Future of the Nutrition Field Today

Nutrition is not a new field, but the fundamentals that inform professionals’ work are constantly changing. What experts knew 40, 30 or even 20 years ago may have evolved into a new understanding of food, diets and overall health.

That’s why the science of nutrition, not just food, is so important. According to Nutrition Hub, “Food is a product we consume. Nutrition is a physical, psychological and social behavior leading to a healthy and happy life.”

The Master of Science in Nutrition – Applied Nutrition online program from Lamar University prepares graduates to apply their skills in a number of areas to meet patients’ or clients’ holistic dietary and nutrition needs.

6 Sectors on Nutritional Experts’ Minds

As society progresses throughout the years, nutrition knowledge has advanced with it. As the field continues to grow and evolve, this brings about new concepts and food ideas, some of which individuals have never seen before.

The key nutritional concepts present in our society today were unavailable in previous generations. However, they have greatly influenced the lives of those who want to make a difference in the world from a nutritional perspective. These concepts of the future include:

1. Sustainable Nutrition

When individuals think of sustainability, they often perceive its meaning from the viewpoint of products that are good for the environment and themselves. Sustainable nutrition is the same concept because it benefits individuals, society and the environment. In fact, about 30% of the food produced across the world is wasted, yet many communities still face hunger and malnutrition. Sustainable nutrition aims to consider the health needs of people, societies and the planet.

2. Plant-Based Diet

Plants support your immune system and help balance your body’s overall health. Many companies are starting to make their own plant-based products, especially ones that resemble food items such as meat and dairy products. These products are made entirely of plants and avoid using proteins that come from animals. These products are intended to be healthier alternatives for individuals wanting to make eco-friendly dietary choices, eat cleaner or try something new.

3. Botanical Products

Influencers across social media have sparked interest in using botanical products for medicinal purposes, such as vitamins and food supplements. Certain botanical products target gut health, heart health, thyroid performance and much more. This is an accessible solution to maintain your physical and even mental health.

4. Mood, Cognition and Sleep

Over the years, there has been an uptick in the lack of sleep among the general population. To combat this, many companies have introduced products targeted to help individuals regain their cognition and regulate their sleep. These products coincide with botanicals because of the correlation between specific nutrients and parts of the body or brain.

4. Probiotics

Gut health is a major issue throughout communities because of its effect on the human body. Some even argue the gut is the “second brain.” Many health problems stem from poor gut health, and probiotics help relieve some of these issues. These are not only good for your gut but also for the rest of your body.

6. Immune Health

Now more than ever, it is important for individuals to keep their immune systems optimized and working properly. With COVID-19 still lingering in our communities, people are more aware of the power of the immune system. More products have been circulating the marketplace to elevate immune health to its top form. To take advantage of the best products, it is best to research science-approved items before investing in them.

These nutrition sectors are supported by various healthcare professionals. Rigorous testing and research on certain products ensure they are safe and health-forward. Each component of nutrition impacts the individual’s overall mental, physical and psychological well-being, leading to improved quality of life.

How to Lead Your Healthiest, Best Life

Nutrition professionals explain that leading a healthy life includes investing in the future of nutrition while also being mindful of workout routines that complement the human body. Not every nutritional strategy will work for every individual, just as not every workout will be the right fit for every individual.

According to Dr. Antonie Post, “all these concepts of personalized eating not only promise to make eating more fun and enjoyable again, but also aim to improve individual health and well-being.” To lead one’s healthiest, best life, individuals should listen to their own bodies and eat what is best for them — as well as exercise in a way that complements their eating habits.

Maximize Your Nutrition Knowledge With an M.S. Degree

As nutrition becomes an even more integral part of health and healthcare, there will be an increased demand for nutrition professionals. You can contribute by building up your knowledge in this field by earning your Master of Science (M.S.) degree. Those who enroll in the M.S. in Nutrition with a specialization in Applied Nutrition online program at Lamar University will help others achieve their health and wellness goals while contributing to the collective well-being of the global population.

This program allows all students to grow their already-established abilities, helping to provide effective counseling and education to individuals or groups. For example, the Basic Nutrition course covers the basic principles of nutrition, with a focus on different stages of the life cycle. The Food, Culture, & Health course focuses on global cultures and food to inform students about diverse communities.

This program is on an accelerated path, and students will become well versed in the role of nutrition in as few as 12 months. The payoff is well worth it. Each future nutritionist will obtain the knowledge required to enter high-level positions in career fields such as nursing, education, food services and much more.

Learn more about the M.S. in Nutrition – Applied Nutrition online program.

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