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Emerging Information Technologies IS Managers Should Know

Information technology is constantly developing and improving. Therefore, information systems (IS) managers need to stay current on technological innovations and know how to use them for their company’s advantage. An information systems manager, sometimes called an information technology (IT) manager, oversees the company’s IT department and all computer-related systems. They manage a team of information technology professionals, select and implement network and desktop technologies, troubleshoot, resolve problems, handle challenging situations and have strong communication skills.

An online Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management Information Systems (MIS) degree from Lamar University can help you build your management skills and business sense while learning cutting-edge technological innovations. This online program integrates best business practices to strengthen a strategic technology skill set to advance as an accomplished leader in any global organization.

Valuable Information Technologies for Businesses

Information technology stimulates innovation. It can affect operational efficiency, communication with employees and customers, work culture, opportunities, marketing, sales and product development. Information technology tools can make our working lives easier. Here are some information technologies that businesses and organizations can use to their benefit:

  • Artificial intelligence. Businesses can use artificial intelligence (AI) to increase efficiency, expand customer satisfaction, eliminate repetitive tasks, use customer service chatbots, enhance employee capabilities and analyze large datasets. AI can help a company personalize an experience for customers, automate rote tasks, increase output and eliminate human error. Rather than using AI to replace human employees, businesses use it as a support system.
  • Digital health. Digital health tools include wearable devices, medical apps, telehealth and mobile health programs. Digital health technologies support doctors’ decision making and have the potential to accurately diagnose and treat diseases. These technologies can empower people to be more involved in their health and provide varying options regarding prevention, diagnoses and treatment.
  • Blockchain typically involves cryptocurrency, but it has other possibilities in the world of business. This information system enables transparency for supply chain management and would clarify material transport, record management, orders and purchase verification and ensure delivery.
  • Internet of behaviors. Related to the internet of things (IoT), internet of behaviors (IoB) provides insight into customer behavior. Data collection and analysis regarding customers’ interactions, purchasing behavior and inclinations provides professionals with insight on how customers decide on their purchases. This insight can assist businesses in refining customer experiences and purposefully interacting with them.
  • Quantum computing. Quantum computing is a powerful tool that can offer predictive analysis opportunities that go beyond everyday computing. Quantum computers can solve problems dramatically faster than classic computers. They enable businesses to spark innovation, analyze data, reshape industries, optimize supply chains, run simulations and identify future needs and vulnerabilities. There is excitement and optimism about what these computers can do in this emerging field.

How to Learn About Emerging Information Technologies

The MBA in MIS online program coursework will expand your business leadership knowledge in economics, marketing, finance, accounting, international business and managerial decision-making. Students will develop in-demand technical skills that cover the management of IT projects, databases, healthcare information systems and cybersecurity. This innovative online program requires no prior programming knowledge and has multiple start dates to accommodate students’ busy schedules.

Learn more about Lamar University’s online Master of Business Administration in Management Information Systems program.

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