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Why Earn an MPA Degree?

If you desire to work for the public in a meaningful way, you may find the comprehensive education you need through an online Master of Public Administration degree program. An online MPA will offer you the skills and knowledge to work in any branch of the public sector, including nonprofits, public health, and local, state and federal governments. In fact, an online MPA combines the essential elements of business, government, law and politics into a broad-based course of study. A MPA degree opens doors for a variety of exciting careers such as emergency management director, human resources manager, budget analyst, urban and regional planner and many others, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Online MPA Benefits Add Up

According to, an online MPA may offer a number of benefits: Obtain strong leadership training. Careers for people who hold MPAs include implementing programs and managing the people involved in those programs. This requires strong leadership skills, which are essential for bringing about change on both local and national levels.  Make an impact on government. With the ability to recommend and implement program changes and develop policy, you may have an avenue for direct impact on how local, state and federal governments work.  Choose from a variety of jobs. With an MPA degree, you can choose to work in the private, nonprofit or government sectors. Fields you can choose to work in include health, communications, public transportation, legal and others. Raise your earning potential. The average salary for MPA holders is $65K per year, according to PayScale (February 2019). An MPA enables advancement to roles like medical and health services manager and human resources director — the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics places the median salary for these positions at $94,500 and $110,120 respectively (2017 data).  Hold important government positions. Many key government officials have made careers in the public administration field. Job possibilities include working in the United Nations, being a police commissioner, or serving as cabinet member for the president.

Who Pursues an Online MPA?

An online MPA program offers flexibility to working professionals who want to further their education or advance in their career. Online programs will typically follow the same rigorous curricula as on-campus program and lead to similar career opportunities. The online MPA is also ideal for those with commitments such as caring for family on top of their work and class schedules. Interested in a public administration career? Lamar University’s online MPA program will provide you a solid foundation in public affairs, the ethics of public service, policy development, problem-solving as they relate to public and private sectors and community affairs. Graduates will have the choice to pursue advanced management positions in the private sector, local, state and federal governments, and nonprofits.  Learn more about Lamar University’s online MPA program. Sources: U.S. News & World Report: Online Public Administration Master’s Degree 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Public Administration PayScale: Master of Public Administration (MPA) Degree U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Urban and Regional Planners


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