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Why Earn a Master’s Degree in School Counseling?


The Benefits of School Counseling Graduate Programs

  • The employment outlook for school counselors is at an all-time high because there are not enough qualified school counselors to meet demand. In fact, the job availability rate is likely to grow by 18 percent each year until 2018.
  • It is a rewarding occupation that offers immediate results.
  • This degree program prepares counselors to work with diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • An online program can be convenient for people who cannot relocate to attend classes, or for those working full time while studying.

What Do School Counseling Graduate Program Students Learn?

  • Empathetic skills: school counselors often work with children who are dealing with traumatic situations, so they must learn to empathize with them and their families.
  • Relationship skills: school counselors must be able to work with diverse communities, so they must learn to create and build good relationships.
  • Listening skills: school counselors need to listen to students in order to understand their problems, so they need skills that help them listen more efficiently and restate what students have told them.
  • Speaking skills: school counselors must communicate clearly with students and families, so they need to express their ideas in a manner that students can understand.

From Teacher to School Counselor

Some teachers find that not only are they interested in the social and emotional lives of children, they are also good at actually helping students in these areas. For these teachers, a school counseling graduate program is a way to learn more about the work they are drawn to. The standard recommendation for these teachers looking to transition to counseling is to stick with the same grade level range that they previously taught.

Many students are frustrated because they do not think school counselors can give them good advice. This is a direct result of the lack of qualified school counselors, which creates a very high ratio of students to counselors. Enrolling in a school counseling graduate program is a way to improve this ratio and the lives of students in every community.

Learn more about Lamar University’s Master of Education in School Counseling online.


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