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Learn to Apply Autism Teaching Strategies in the Classroom

Learn to Successfully Teach Autistic Children

Autistic students have unique educational needs because they may have deficiencies in their behavior, communication and social skills. Teachers interested in working in the special education field can learn autism teaching strategies and how to implement them in the classroom with a Master of Education in Special Education. Autism teaching strategies involve using evidence-based practices in autism, which are teaching methods that are proven to generate positive student outcomes. While working on the master’s in special education, teachers will gain resources to help autistic students become more successful in deficient areas.

Give Clear, Simple Instructions

Proven teaching strategies for students with autism involve saying simple instructions that are easy to understand. For example, it’s a good idea to guide students with “Close your books and line up by the door for lunch.” And, teachers may receive positive outcomes by gradually introducing new material rather than overloading students with new concepts. Also, provide just a few choices rather than a long list of options. This makes it easier for students to understand and to participate.

Embrace Teaching Techniques

Consider placing students in a small group or work with them individually. Ask questions to confirm students’ understanding of the assignment. Be open to changes based on students’ feedback and tailor your autism teaching strategies according to each student’s abilities. These are a few of the concepts teachers will learn while working on a master’s in special education.

Identify Skill Deficiencies, Classroom Learning

The master’s in special education helps teachers learn how to identify their autistic students’ skills gaps. Your coursework includes creating teaching strategies for students who have disabilities in reading and language arts. Additionally, you will learn the fundamentals of classroom learning and the latest relevant theories. Plus, you will receive insights into human development, tests and various evaluation processes. Obtaining a master’s in special education will provide you with the essential information needed to help your autistic students reach their educational goals.

Learn more about Lamar University’s M.Ed. in Special Education with Specialization in Autism online degree program.


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Master Education Special Education Online

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