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Brian Jones Lamar University Alumni

Brian T. Jones


I chose Lamar University because it was a smart choice. Lamar provided what I needed and the convenience that I required.


Graduation Date: November 2015

  • Job Title and School District:

    Assistant Principal, Ector County ISD

  • Social Media Links:

    Twitter: @briantjones

  • How has this degree affected your professional outlook? What about personally?

    I have learned a tremendous amount from completing my coursework at Lamar. As a campus administrator, I see that the curriculum and standards of the principal certification program is very closely aligned to what happens daily in public education. Personally, I feel that Lamar has equipped me with tools and resources to help me in any situation.

  • What was your single biggest takeaway from the program?

    The structure of the program was one of the biggest takeaways for me. The template-based design and rubrics clearly articulated what needed to be completed and what was expected as a learner in the Lamar principal certification program. This program was well structured for online delivery.

  • How much time per week did you spend on your studies?

    12 to 15 hours.

  • Describe how having an online option made a degree more accessible for you.

    While I am a product of a brick-and-mortar university (TTU), I feel that as technology has become more innovative, education can never take a back seat. Having an online option makes tons of sense, especially for the busy professional who is limited on time and is seeking ease of access. It helped me because I could sit at home and complete my studies from the comfort of my recliner and also while in my PJs.

  • How did you hear about the online degree programs at Lamar University?

    Recommendation from a friend.

  • What was one of the biggest challenges during the program, and how did you overcome it?

    One of the challenges was contact with IA and at times the professor. While this was small in comparison, I would have liked to have more access to the IA or professor.

  • Why did you choose to earn your advanced degree from Lamar University?

    I chose Lamar because it was a smart choice. Lamar provided what I needed and the convenience that I required.

  • What advice would you give to a prospective student who is considering this program?

    Go for it!! Lamar has a great program that is very established and structured for success.

  • What helped you get through the program the most? What helped you make it to the finish line?

    The prospect of securing a job was a huge motivation for me to get me through the program. Also, the periodic check-in from our advisors was a help as well.

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