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Five jobs with an online MBA in Healthcare Administration

Earning an advanced degree online can open up opportunities for professionals to further their careers. An MBA in Healthcare Administration online program offers many opportunities for advancement in to management-type roles. Here are five healthcare administration jobs for someone who has earned an MBA in Healthcare Administration.

1. Healthcare administrators

The first career option is a healthcare administrator. Administrators can be found in hospitals as well as clinics and private practices. In a smaller hospital, clinic or private practice, administrators are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day functions of the hospital. They manage the entire facility. In a larger hospital, an administrator will be in charge of one department or specific clinical area.  Healthcare administrators must keep themselves abreast of healthcare laws and regulations.

2. Nursing directors

Nursing directors are responsible for administering the nursing program in a variety of facilities. They maintain standards of patient care and advise staff in matters related to the nursing service. Nursing directors may recommend policy changes, establish best practices and develop performance standards.

3. Finance managers

Another option for a professional with an MBA in Healthcare Administration is healthcare finance manager. They oversee the financial aspects of a hospital. They are responsible for investment reports, investment activities and long-term financial planning. They also have to be well-versed in healthcare law to ensure the organization is in compliance with tax and legal regulations.

4. Medical records managers

Medical records managers are responsible for maintaining accurate records for patients. They are instrumental in providing quality care and effective healthcare. Medical records managers update records and make sure the facilities have up-to-date information on all patients. By keeping current records of past treatments, vital statistics and medical histories, medical records managers are an integral part of any healthcare organization.

5. Hospital executives

An MBA in Healthcare Administration can propel a career toward an executive position in a hospital. Top executives like a CEO, CFO or COO are the highest level of management within any organization. In a hospital, other top executives include the Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Medical Officer. They create plans and strategies for the hospital to meet its goals. Hospital CEOs create the mission and vision of the hospital. They must articulate the mission statement to the public.

There are several other career options in the healthcare field. An advanced degree in healthcare administration is an important tool for professionals looking to advance their careers.  Many upper-level healthcare administration jobs can be attained with an MBA in Healthcare Administration.


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