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Top Industries for MBA Graduates

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a versatile degree. It opens doors in almost every industry and degree holders stand out among job applicants. Currently the best industry for MBA graduates, according to the GMAC 2015 Corporate Recruiters Service Report, is in the “products and services sector”. However, products and services is not the only sector that is hiring MBA graduates in large numbers. Energy, healthcare and technology are also hiring. The available MBA job options span a number of industries with a variety of fulfilling job opportunities.

Best Industries for MBAs

The energy industry is looking for people to manage daily business operations including advertising, collections and money management. Additionally, as new technologies like green energy come into play, new companies are taking shape and they need skilled managers for their engineering teams.

Thanks to the extended coverage offered by the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare industry is experiencing a surge in patients and services, which is creating job opportunities in business administration and management. Further, healthcare positions are appearing outside the network of medical professionals. Insurance companies also need additional workers to manage the influx of claims. The increase in patients and services has also created a new emphasis on marketing, as insurance companies, hospitals and doctors must earn their respective customers’ trust through solid messaging. Fortunately, there are MBA in Healthcare Administration degree programs that cover business essentials such as marketing and finance but also emphasize healthcare-specific courses.

Technology is continually developing, and new products hit the market every day. Companies like Google, Apple and Android need MBA graduates to help with data analytics, finance, marketing and management. Those interested in this growing area can also earn a specialized MBA degree, such as an MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning.

MBA Job Options

MBAs enjoy a great deal of career opportunity. From opening and running a business to increasing management qualifications, MBA programs train leaders and innovators for success in every arena of business. Beyond the commercial sector, nonprofits are also in search of MBA graduates as they need individuals with business knowledge to help them with budgeting, organizational management, and networking, as well as locating new sources of funding. As technology, science and social networking continue to grow, the demand for highly trained statistical researchers also increases. MBA degree holders are at an advantage over other applicants for careers as research analysts or statisticians.

The variety of job options available to MBA graduates is broad, but a degree is not a hiring manager’s only consideration; experience is also important. Savvy MBAs will target their job searches to industries with which they already have experience, whether through volunteer work or previous employment.

From the energy industry to nonprofit organizations, there is a wide variety of opportunities in today’s job market, especially for MBA graduates. The best industries for MBA graduates represent a large portion of the job market, which makes it easier than ever to build a fulfilling career.


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