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Tips for Keeping ADHD Students on Track in Class


Challenges With ADHD Students

ADHD students who exhibit the condition’s typical symptoms may find the traditional classroom daunting. Their teachers require them to sit still, pay attention and listen quietly, which are all difficult tasks for ADHD students. An ADHD student may have a learning disability as well that can make traditional learning difficult. Because they may interrupt the teacher or disrupt classroom activities, ADHD students may find it difficult to work with other students in a group setting.

Teachers as Learners

Teachers who are looking for specialized knowledge in this area may turn to an online Master of Education in Special Education degree program. The program will help them prepare to teach special education students, and it will include the many educational resources and research that prepare special education teachers.

Tips for Teachers

Teachers can use a variety of tools in the classroom to help ADHD students succeed. They can make adjustments to their curriculum to make learning easier. They can vary their instructional strategies to accommodate the diverse learning styles of ADHD students. Teachers in online master’s degree programs in special education may find that the advanced techniques they study in these programs help prepare them for challenges in the classroom. They may learn about strategies, strengths and weaknesses in the education field that will directly impact learning in their classroom, not just for ADHD students but for all their students. It is important for teachers to intervene for their students whenever necessary. As educators, teachers must review current practices and determine what is or isn’t working and make adjustments accordingly.

Students with ADHD require special attention in the classroom. Districts and teachers must be prepared to meet the needs of all learners and provide equal educational opportunities.

Learn more about the Lamar University online Master of Education in Special Education program.

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