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Gain a Better Understanding of the Business Side of Nursing

The role of the nurse administrator blends business and healthcare expertise to lead, guide and motivate nurses. The unique ability to understand the challenges nurses face on a day-to-day basis provides the nurse administrator with the opportunity to become a role model, mentor and a positive change agent within their healthcare environment.

Many nurses who pursue a role in nursing administration are not yet equipped for the challenges that accompany the position. An understanding of the business side of nursing can provide essential elements to help ensure success.

Online accredited programs, such as the Master of Science in Nursing in Nursing Administration (MSN) offered at Lamar University, offer courses specific to the needs of nurse leaders. These courses enable nurses to gain expertise and confidence needed to be successful nurse administrators. The flexibility of online courses allows nurses to fit school into their busy schedules.

About the Nursing Administrator Role

An MSN in Nursing Administration can expand nurses’ career opportunities as well as increase their earning potential. This degree is versatile and can provide nurses the ability to pursue roles in business, technology or leadership in varied healthcare settings, such as:

  • Staff management.
  • Case management.
  • Nursing informatics.
  • Quality improvement.
  • Risk management.

Courses That Can Help You Succeed as You Lead

The rapidly changing healthcare environment has resulted in increasing costs and limited resources for nurse administrators to provide quality patient care. A nurse administrator relies on skills in budgeting, information technology and human resources to help ensure that patients receive care in an efficient and effective manner.

The online courses in Lamar University’s MSN in Nursing Administration program can be beneficial in helping to prepare nurses for advanced leadership roles and executive positions. Strong leadership skills as well as knowledge of essential concepts of the business side of nursing can help you excel as a nurse administrator.

A Closer Look at a Few of Lamar University’s MSN in Administration Courses

Financial Accounting: Knowledge of financial management and budget strategies allows nurse administrators to assess and improve the quality of care, while making it more cost-effective. The financial accounting course covers the use of financial statements and other topics that many staff nurses may be unfamiliar with, such as cost volume profit analysis and variance analysis.

Health Information Systems: Technology is vital for success in healthcare. Nurse administrators often need to explore different aspects of electronic technology than staff nurses do. These advanced practice nurses often focus on technology that provides the ability to gauge staffing needs, improve safety and quality of patient care, and maintain productivity, all the while focusing on positive patient outcomes.

Role Development for Nurse Administrators: A staff nurse may move into the role of nurse administrator without an understanding of the accompanying responsibilities. This course explores the role and the development of the skills to effectively lead in a healthcare organization.

Directing and Controlling Healthcare: This course covers aspects of human resources and quality improvement models. These skills can be helpful for nurse administrators, who are often responsible for creating policies and managing or supervising other nurses as well as recruiting, hiring and training.

Administration Practicum: The opportunity to gain hands-on experience can provide confidence in this new role. In these two practicum courses, MSN students work with a preceptor in areas of human resources and the planning and organization of healthcare delivery.

Build a Solid Foundation in Nursing Administration

The essential skills and opportunities available for the nurse administrator are varied. In addition to the courses listed above, Lamar University offers various other to help you succeed with an MSN in Nursing Administration.

Learn more about Lamar University’s MSN in Nursing Administration online program.


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