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Become a Leader With an MSN in Nursing Administration

After working as a registered nurse (RN) and gaining valuable experience, you may be ready to take on a leadership role. Your path to becoming a nurse leader starts with an online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in Nursing Administration. With an MSN in nursing administration, you are prepared for leadership positions in a variety of healthcare settings.

How Does an MSN in Nursing Administration Prepare Prospective Nurse Leaders?

The MSN in nursing administration prepares RNs to work in many high-level roles:

  • Nurse Administrator.
  • Nurse Executive.
  • Director of Nurses.
  • Assistant Director.
  • Chief of Nursing.

An online MSN in nursing administration program prepares you to design and manage patient care, develop policies and procedures, and create and maintain budgets. You will be proficient in computer software like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and online database systems.

As a nurse leader — specifically a nurse administrator — your duties may consist of overseeing the staff and budgets. This means hiring and firing nursing staff as well as mentoring and motivating them. You are responsible for creating, managing and approving spending. In addition, you learn to keep budget and resource accounts accurate and current.

You will become knowledgeable about how to ensure efficiency and cost savings while protecting patient safety and satisfaction. You will understand how to put together and present reports with applicable data and address any operational issues.

What Will You Learn in an MSN in Nursing Administration Online Program?

You will complete curricula pertaining to leadership, finance, quality patient care, research techniques and healthcare technology. The following are some courses in the Lamar University MSN in Nursing Administration online program:

  • Healthcare Policy and Finance.
  • Health Information Systems.
  • Directing and Controlling Healthcare.
  • Planning and Organizing Healthcare.
  • Theoretical Foundations.
  • Administration Practicum I & II.

What Are the Leadership Skills Needed for a Nurse Leader Role?

You must be committed to upholding the standards of the nursing profession, so safeguarding quality patient care is the most important aspect of your job. A skilled nurse leader knows how to encourage collaboration and communication while cultivating an environment where nurses feel comfortable asking questions and seeking assistance. To successfully lead the nursing staff, you should demonstrate these skills:

  • Creative thinking.
  • Decision-making.
  • Mediating.
  • Multi-tasking.
  • Self-motivating.

A nurse leader displays adaptability in stressful situations. A calm and tolerant demeanor with a willingness to learn from mistakes are all qualities that nurse administrators should possess. Furthermore, a qualified nurse administrator displays integrity, courage and initiative.

What Is the Importance of Leadership in Nursing Administration?

Nurse administrators identify issues, concerns and trends by analyzing assessment data. They develop plans to solve problems and form strategies to boost positive patient outcomes while cutting costs. Nurse administrators make sure that healthcare facilities follow regulations and enforce ethics in nursing. And they conduct research to implement nursing practice guidelines.

Nurse administrators are crucial to the effective performance of healthcare systems. Nurses who complete an online MSN in nursing administration program have the skills and expertise needed to direct staff, craft strategies and carry out decisions for the good of the patients and healthcare facility where they are employed. Moreover, competent nurse administrators continue their education to stay updated about new policies and procedures in healthcare, and they encourage nursing staff to pursue professional development.

Learn more about the Lamar University online MSN in Nursing Administration program.


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