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3 Jobs for MSN in Nursing Education Graduates

The nursing field is becoming more varied with each passing year. Licensed and degreed nurses are in higher demand than ever, and the outlook for nurse educators with the talent to develop nursing students into competent professionals is just as promising. Job seekers with an MSN in Nursing Education are likely to find themselves with many career opportunities.

Many new graduates with an MSN assume that their only option is teaching, but there many options. Nursing jobs for professionals with an MSN in Nursing Education run the gamut from academic roles and community healthcare to association and advocacy-group leadership.

Academic Nurse Educator

Nurse educators who work in the academic sphere may find themselves designing curricula, teaching in classroom settings, leading clinical courses, publishing research papers or serving as advisers to undergraduate nursing students. Universities may also employ nurse educators to lead clinical teams at student health centers and to serve as health advisers for university-wide initiatives. With the rise in online education, nurse educators are increasingly in demand to develop web-based programs for undergraduate nursing students pursuing RN degrees.

Community Health Educator

Nursing jobs for professionals with an MSN in Nursing Education include positions in the public health sector. A community health educator, for example, may coordinate and deliver health education to community members served by a local hospital system. Community outreach, public health fairs and health assessments are just a few jobs that might fall within the responsibilities of a community health educator.

Professional Nurse Educator

Professional organizations that serve medical communities and related healthcare advocacy groups also rely on nurses with an MSN in Nursing Education to help deliver quality professional development and perform related functions on behalf of their members. Nurse educators may be responsible for developing, implementing and leading professional education opportunities as well as serving an organization’s membership as clinical specialists in the field of focus. Some members of these organizations serve as nurse consultants to companies in a variety of fields, such as law firms and insurance providers.

Nursing jobs for professionals with an MSN in Nursing Education offer many opportunities for nurses to further develop and refine their skills in education, leadership, management and clinical practice. They have grown beyond the realm of academia and into the public and private sectors, uniting nurse educators and non-medical professionals in the pursuit of quality healthcare education and public service from the grassroots level to the highest executive posts.

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