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The Developing Uses for Artificial Intelligence in Computer Science

Many question the limits to which artificial intelligence will magnify human effectiveness but also threaten free will. However, with each passing day, we find more ways of incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into daily life to streamline effectiveness or reduce repetitive tasks. As a result, AI is becoming central to the basic conversation of computer science. AI and smart systems in cars, buildings and communities can save humans time and money and minimize human-error risks.

An online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Sciences from Lamar University can help you gain valuable skills that comprise business, engineering and computer science to give you a competitive edge in any career. The online coursework will build your proficiency in computing, programming languages, network system administration, operating systems, database design and AI. This knowledge will serve graduates of this online program regardless of their chosen career field. Computer science teaches students about logic, engineering, design basics and understanding systems. The coursework develops highly sought-after strengths such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving that transfer to any discipline.

Real-World Artificial Intelligence Uses

Alphabet Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai said that AI will “play a foundational role across every aspect of our lives…[It is] a very profound enabling technology. If you think about fire or electricity or the internet, it is like that, but I think even more profound.” In the future, AI can change every facet of our lives, from education to healthcare to how we consume information and manufacture products.

Artificial intelligence applications operate in banking, marketing, gaming, agriculture, finance, vehicles and chatbots. Creative AI can create poetry, art, music, plays and video games. As this technology advances, AI will successfully design logos, write headlines and plan infographics. While we typically consider creativity a human skill, the creative capabilities of AI machines are developing rapidly and blurring the lines between human and machine.

Autonomous vehicles use artificial intelligence to control cars, aircraft and boats. Major leaps forward in self-driving technology with cars and boats will happen in 2022 and beyond. AI in banking and finance is used for customer support to detect fraud and catch irregularities. Machines can crunch more numbers and observe and predict data outcomes faster and more accurately than humans. The world of finance is turning to AI to boost profits, improve stock performance and make better trading decisions.

What we eat is being affected by population growth and climate change. As a result, farmers and the agricultural field are turning to artificial intelligence to sustainably use resources and improve crop yield. Some companies have developed technology so robots can identify the difference between planted crops and weeds and ensure only weeds get sprayed to prevent herbicide resistance.

How to Study Ground-Breaking AI Technology

Lamar University’s online B.S. in Computer Information Sciences program provides students with the knowledge and skills to design, build, maintain and improve computer-based systems. Graduates are qualified to help nonprofits, businesses and governments achieve their goals through better use of technology. Graduates will be ready to apply knowledge of database design, network system administration and computer systems architecture to the information networks that are elemental to the performance of many fields.

Learn more about Lamar University’s online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Sciences program.

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