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Interested in Entrepreneurship? Consider an Online BBA Program

Entrepreneurship tends to rise and fall with the state of the economy. Now is a good time for startups because the economy is on the rise again, and there is more venture money out there than ever before. Knowing how to find it, attract it and win it comes with experience (and perhaps a few courses from a BBA program).

Benefits of a BBA in Entrepreneurship

It may not be the traditional route to a business career, but studying entrepreneurship can position you to find the right job once you graduate. An online business administration degree that offers an entrepreneurship concentration will tend to teach more progressive ways of viewing the business environment. For example, startups need leaders who know about experimental marketing, bootstrapping and allowing goals to emerge and evolve naturally rather than creating and blindly adhering to a master business plan.

According to entrepreneurship professor Saras Sarasvathy, entrepreneurs think differently than traditional MBA students. It is from these types of highly successful entrepreneurial minds that a BBA in entrepreneurship draws inspiration and from which scholars in this field collect their data.

What an Online BBA Program for Entrepreneurs Looks Like

A BBA program may be specialized for entrepreneurs, but students will also learn the traditional fundamentals of business. A good curriculum will start off with introductory courses in economics, accounting, law, finance and more. Then, students may take focused courses for a specialization such as human resources management and cost accounting. A course in market opportunities may also be included, as well as a seminar, allowing students to focus more intensely on aspects of venture creation and other entrepreneurial areas of study.

If you are a motivated, independent thinker, a BBA in entrepreneurship may give you the education and skills you need to start your own business venture or help an existing business become even more successful.

Learn more about the Lamar University online BBA in Entrepreneurship program.

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