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Job Options for Those With an Entrepreneurship Degree

Did you know that entrepreneurship is a popular major for Millennials? A study by Millennial Branding identified entrepreneurship as one of the most common majors for this age group, along with bioengineering and neuroscience.

But What Kinds of Entrepreneurship Jobs Will These Students Get upon Graduation?

Below you will find examples of jobs graduates land once they have completed their studies. You might be surprised: None of them involve starting a business.

Jobs With an Entrepreneurship Degree

American Express provided a roundup of entrepreneurship degree jobs available to recent graduates.

  • Research and development. Working as a researcher requires broad knowledge of the business world. Learning about startups in college prepares you for this type of work.
  • Business consultant. This field requires you to know how to identify problems and solve them. Of course, those are requisite skills for entrepreneurs, too, meaning anyone with an entrepreneurship degree may be a natural fit for a job as a consultant.
  • Your business degree can give you a unique perspective on the practical application of core competencies like math, history and English. Just think of the role of innovation in history or the role of math in business. Students will be more engaged when they learn about practical applications of these subjects.
  • Not-for-profit fundraiser. Both fundraising and starting a business require excellent networking and communication skills, which are key attributes you will learn in a business degree program.
  • Business reporter. Graduates who have an aptitude for writing can pursue jobs in publishing or journalism. That does not necessarily mean working for a newspaper. Online publishing or even freelance writing offer career pathways as well.
  • Business degrees encompass the study of leadership and operations management, both of which prepare students to evaluate the personal characteristics needed to fill certain types of jobs. People who have a business background know what companies need, and they have the people skills to draw out the relevant information during the interview process.
  • Mid-level management. Since graduates with entrepreneurial degrees know about developing ideas, communicating them to teams and getting things done efficiently, they make great mid-level managers.

An entrepreneurship degree can prepare you to start your own business. It can also lead to a variety of different jobs. By earning the degree, working professionals can gain the education required to move up the career ladder.

Learn more about Lamar University’s online BBA in Entrepreneurship program.


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