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Master of Science in Nursing in Nursing Education online

The Master of Science in Nursing in Nursing Education online degree program prepares you to develop the next generation of outstanding nurses in a learning environment that allows you to continue working full time while you earn your degree.

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Limited Time Special Offer

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About the Program

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Lamar University's online master's program in nursing education prepares you to lead the way in the future of nursing education. Offering one of the top two MSN programs in the country, the Joanne Gay Dishman School of Nursing at Lamar University is highly respected in the healthcare community. In this program, you will deepen your knowledge and clinical practice while you build leadership abilities and teaching skills.

Lamar University's online MSN in Nursing Education program fully prepares you for the classroom with core knowledge and teaching methodologies to help your students learn to deliver quality care in a rapidly changing health care landscape. You will also learn proven strategies for designing and implementing challenging and effective learning objectives and curricula, as well as advanced instructional methods that enable you to create an engaging and active learning environment.

*Price includes distance learning fee.

Online Courses

The online master's degree program in nursing education consists of 37 credit hours, 22 of which are specific to the development of teaching and curriculum design skills, understanding teaching and learning theory and experiential credits.

Common MSN Courses

Please note that Statistics is a pre-requisite to the MSN program.

MSNC 5310 Theoretical Foundations

Examine theoretical foundations guiding advanced nursing practice. Prerequisites: Permission

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MSNC 5311 Nursing Research

Analyze research methods, focusing on formulating a practice-related research problem, searching the literature, research design, sampling, and evaluation of research instruments, data collection strategies and analysis of data. Students are expected to analyze and critique research literature for scientific merit, and to discuss the practical application of scientific findings for practice. Prerequisites: MSNC 5310.

Duration: 15 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MSNC 5312 Healthcare Policy and Finance

Utilize theoretical models to analyze healthcare policy and finance, and political processes and strategies, which influence the policy process and results in improved healthcare for a diverse society. Prerequisites: Permission

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MSNC 5315 Advanced Nursing Issues

Analyze professional and social issues related to advanced nursing practice within the context of health promotion and disease prevention, and various social, cultural and nursing issues related to healthcare. Prerequisites: Permission

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MSNC 5195 Evidence-Based Project I

Develop a proposal, using research methods, to investigate a problem. Prerequisites: MSNC 5310, 5311, 5312, 5315 and pre- or co-requisite: MSNA 5321 or MSNE 5254

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 1
MSNC 5295 Evidence-Based Project II

Implement project proposal and disseminate outcomes. Prerequisites: MSNC 5195

Duration: 15 weeks
Credit Hours: 2
MSN Nurse Educator Courses
MSNE 5330 Advanced Health Assessment

Develop skills to analyze and synthesize clinical concepts relevant to areas of advanced nursing practice. Prerequisites or Concurrent: MSNE 5310, MSNE 5311.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MSNE 5350 Role Development & Learning/Teaching Theories

Develop knowledge and skills relevant to teaching in institutions of higher education. Emphasis is on the role of the nurse as faculty member. Examine learning theories and teaching strategies foundational to classroom and clinical instruction in academic settings. Prerequisite or Concurrent: MSNC 5310.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MSNE 5352 Measurement & Evaluation

Develop knowledge and skills in measurement and evaluation of classroom and clinical instruction. Prerequisite or Concurrent: MSNC 5311.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MSNE 5351 Curriculum Design

Analyze curriculum components for contemporary nursing education in academic settings. Evaluation as a critical component of curriculum design is examined. Prerequisite or Concurrent: MSNC 5310.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MSNE 5254 Education Practicum I

Apply teaching/learning theory and strategies to didactic and clinical preceptored instruction. Evaluate selected curriculum components related to teaching experiences. Prerequisite: MSNE 5353. Prerequisite or Concurrent: MSNE 5350 and MSNE 5352.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MSNE 5255 Education Practicum II

Apply measurement and evaluation concepts to didactic and clinical preceptored instruction. Examine course, level, and department components within the context of an academic system. Prerequisite: MSNE 5254. Prerequisite or Concurrent: MSNE 5351.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3


Lamar University's online Master of Nursing programs offer several opportunities per year to enter your program. So once you're ready to start, you won't have wait long!

Upcoming Start Dates:

August 27, 2018

Apply by July 30, 2018

October 19, 2018

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January 22, 2019

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Tuition & Financial Aid

For nearly a century, Lamar University has been committed to offering a high quality education that is also accessible to students at all levels of financial need.


Total program cost depends upon transfer hours and program advisement relevant to program requirements. For more information, contact a Lamar University enrollment specialist.


Per Credit Hour. Price includes distance learning fee.

Financial Aid

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Lamar University's online programs have specific requirements that applicants must meet to enroll. Please review the admission guidelines carefully. For specific questions or more details, view our admission FAQs.

* All applicants must submit official, sealed, transcripts from each institution attended to the Admissions Office. All degrees must be from a regionally accredited institution. Send transcripts to: Lamar University Online Admissions, P.O. Box 10017, Beaumont, Texas 77710
Check to see if the program is offered to residents in your state before applying by clicking here.

Online Application

Submit your application and one-time $25 application fee online.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

A Bachelor of Science in nursing degree from a nationally accredited nursing program (ACEN or CCNE).

Current RN License

Submit documentation of your current, unencumbered, state-issued nursing license.

Cumulative 3.0 GPA

Students whose GPA falls between 2.75 to 2.99 will be required to pass an entrance exam with a score of 393.