Rebecca Recco

M.Ed. in Digital Learning and Leading

First class start date: October 2016

Anticipated Graduation date: May 2018

Art Teacher/Apple Vanguard Coach - Kanawha County Schools, Charleston, WV

Rebecca Recco

Hello! My name is Rebecca Recco, and I am an elementary art teacher in Charleston, West Virginia. I am also a mom of four kids and almost never home.

Ten years ago, I tried to go to grad school. It was an epic disaster. My children were young and the program I attempted was an online master’s program. The work wasn’t too difficult, but it also didn’t seem relevant to my practice as an art teacher. I felt it was difficult to stay motivated to do the work, because the program was expensive, but didn’t feel like work that I would bring back to my classroom. I eventually quit the program and decided that I would not seek my master’s degree.

In 2015, I became an Apple Distinguished Educator. I love technology and finding ways to improve my students’ workflow in the art classroom. At that year’s ADE Institute in Miami, I heard about the Master’s of Education in Digital Learning and Leading at Lamar University. I had some reservations about starting a program that was all online, especially one so far from my home that I couldn’t just drop in to speak to someone face-to-face if I needed to. But after a year of mulling it over, I decided to give it a shot. The more I read about the program, the more it sounded like a program designed just for me.

Not having been a college student since Kurt Cobain was still alive, I was very nervous about navigating the online enrollment process. It took me a little bit of time to learn where to find information on the portal, but once I learned where to look, I was able to figure out the rest of the process without too much difficulty. I was also assigned a fabulous Enrollment Specialist who checked in with me regularly to make sure I knew what to do next.

Once enrolled, I was given a Student Coordinator who would check in with me from time to time to make sure I was adjusting to the program well and to let me know about upcoming deadlines and opportunities (such as this blogging gig). My student coordinator has been tremendously helpful, because even if I think I understand what I need to do, it’s always good to have someone to check in with and make sure I don’t miss any details.

Now, two courses into this program, I am so happy to have made the choice to go for my master’s degree. So far, this experience has been ideal for me because I get to make choices about what I want to do with this program. The work is very open-ended so I can make it relevant to my practice as a teacher, and I have already put a lot of what I’ve learned into practice in my classroom. I meet virtually, through video chat, with my classmates and instructor, and I’ve already made friends who I feel comfortable talking to when I need advice. Though the work has been challenging, it has been meaningful,
and I think that’s the best part of this program. I feel more motivated as a teacher because of this program, not struggling to do the work. Each professor has given us a sneak peek of the work we will be doing further on in the program, and I’m excited about the adventure ahead.

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Hello! My name is Rebecca Recco, and I am an elementary art teacher in Charleston, West Virginia.

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