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Teachers and Technology Can Go Together

Campuses and districts all over the nation are beginning to see the importance of getting teachers to use technology in the classroom. District technology and instruction departments are growing faster than ever because so many administrators know that we must stay ahead in today’s global economy. Our teachers must stay current when it comes to technology, unless they want to be passed up by those willing to take up the task of educating our students.

Education workers passionate about getting teachers, schools and districts on board with technology could start with a Master of Education in Digital Learning and Leading. This degree is perfect for those that want to integrate digital instructional resources as well as design, develop and implement digital learning environments. Teachers will need campus support when they embrace new technology integration, and a master’s degree in digital learning and leading can be an important aid.

Training teachers on technology

Providing training and staff development to our teachers and staff is an integral part of teacher buy-in and technology usage in the classroom. Too often, teachers receive information about something new and are expected to research it on their own time. Most teachers already have fully committed schedules and do not want to give up their personal time to learn something new.

In order to get teacher buy in for new technology, allow them to help with the decision-making process. Once they feel like they can directly affect the process, they will feel more connected and willing to integrate technology into their lessons and classroom activities.

Teachers and technology work great together to meet the current challenges education faces. With hands-on training in programs such as those that offer a Master of Education in Digital Learning and Leading, innovative educators can secure buy-in from faculty, and districts will begin to see the seamless integration of technology into classes and curriculum.

Learn more about the Lamar University online M.Ed. in Digital Learning and Leading program.


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