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Benefits of Multimedia Storytelling

What Is a Multimedia Story?

Multimedia stories use several production mechanisms to bring multiple media — such as audio, video and photography, among others — to student voice in order to tell a story in a unique and interesting way. Students can take a linear series of events and create multidimensional experiences.

Why Use Multimedia Storytelling?

According to Michael Hernandez in “Empowering Students Through Multimedia Storytelling,” there are multiple reasons to produce stories in this manner. First, students develop skills necessary in other academic areas. For example, students will rely on their writing and critical thinking skills, as well as research knowledge. Further, allowing students to choose what topic they work on lets them take ownership of their projects. Multimedia literacy is an important part of the overall Common Core curriculum, and this type of project helps develop that skill.

Tools to Use

For this type of project, students can use a variety of tools, including Audacity for audio editing and Windows Movie Maker for video. There are many applications and websites that can help create this type of work, and allowing students to discover their own tools provides them with an additional learning experience.

From TV news stories to the oral tradition, storytelling is an effective way to communicate. By including multimedia options such as audio and video production, and engaging students in a topic of their interest, multimedia storytelling can offer a chance for students to create something both unique and useful.

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Edutopia: Empowering Students Through Multimedia Storytelling

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