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Race and Distribution of Power in America

What is the racial divide, why does it still exist and how can we bridge the gap? How does power distribution affect society as a whole? You can learn more about these and similar topics while pursuing an online Bachelor of Science in Sociology.

Why Study Sociology?

Blacks and whites disagree on many things — politics, affirmative action, the criminal justice system — and their opinions are typically formed along racial lines. Those differences make up the racial divide, which also insists that disparities in pay, education, housing and job opportunities are based on the color of one’s skin.

Pursuing on online sociology degree may help you understand how people form their opinions and what their beliefs are characteristically based on. Coursework in an online sociology degree program covers race and ethnic relations, social problems, religion, and human interaction and may shed some light on the thought processes of individuals and cultural groups. As well, your sociological research could lead to groundbreaking answers to some of the problems that plague society.

Power Play

Other issues, such as power distribution, may also be covered in an online sociology degree program. The balance of power, or the lack thereof, is cause for argument among people with opposing political views. The very idea of “Big Anything” — government, religion, banking — asserts that an entity with an excessive amount of power is often not accountable and may act in its own best interest rather than those it was designed to serve. Democracy requires that social power be balanced — for the good of all. As a student in an online sociology degree program, you may be inspired to find solutions the world is waiting for.

Your Online Degree Program

Coursework for an online sociology degree can help you develop skills that may be valuable to employers. These include:

  • Analytical — by examining data and other information
  • Communication — by conducting interviews and presenting research
  • Critical-thinking — by drawing logical conclusions about society
  • Problem-solving — by identifying and solving sociological problems
  • Writing — by writing detailed reports on your research

An online program also offers flexible start times and the ability to work from wherever you and your computer are — at work, the library or your favorite coffee shop.

Consider an online sociology degree program. It may help you understand cultural differences and how they affect relations among racial and ethnic groups. Understanding each other is one step on the pathway to a better society.

Learn more about the Lamar University online sociology degree program.


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