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Sociology From a Quantitative Perspective

A bachelor of science in sociology often takes a quantitative approach to sociological study. According to, “Quantitative research involves the collecting and analysis of data that is quantifiable.” Focusing on analytics and statistics, a BS in sociology can prepare you for a career as a quantitative researcher. As you work toward your sociology degree, you will find that being able to quantify the number of people participating in an activity or behaving in a certain manner is essential to proving a hypothesis. A BS in sociology focuses more on the quantitative perspective than a BS in sociology, which is qualitative in its approach to sociological study.

How to Use a BS in Sociology

A sociology degree is viable in fields ranging from healthcare and technology to business and law. The degree’s versatility can help you stand out in the job market and pursue a wider variety of career opportunities. As you work toward your BS in sociology, you can gain experience in research design, data analysis and statistics. These skills are necessary for professionals in research, policy analysis and program evaluation. In addition to preparing you for a career in business or political research, a BS in sociology can also serve as a stepping stone to a master’s degree program.

In-Depth Look at Quantitative Study

Sociologists focus on groups both big and small. Their studies can span the gamut from two-person interactions to the interactions or actions of a billion people, for instance. It is therefore important to know how to quantify different behaviors of individuals while simultaneously grouping them. As you pursue your degree in sociology, you will have the opportunity to develop and create your own sociological study. This experience will equip you with the analytical skills required for research jobs.

A bachelor of science in sociology opens up job opportunities in many areas, including government, business and the nonprofit sector. Sociological studies cover a variety of topics, many of which are best researched through quantifiable means. By earning a sociology degree, you can develop the statistical and analytical skills essential for a wide range of jobs in the field.

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