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5 Reasons to Consider a Degree in MIS

Earning a Master of Science (M.S.) in Management Information Systems (MIS) online from Lamar University can propel a technology-related career to new heights. Information technology (IT) professionals, aspiring enterprise systems consultants, tech-driven entrepreneurs and many others can benefit from MIS study on numerous levels.

People working in business and technology would likely take an analytical cost/benefit approach to evaluating a graduate degree’s worth. Here are five reasons why earning an M.S. in MIS could be a smart and strategic investment:

  1. Gain In-Demand, Cutting Edge Expertise

The intensive coursework in Lamar University’s MIS program helps students develop a comprehensive knowledge of the information systems and specific software that drive modern business. This includes everything from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to customer relationship management (CRM) systems, advanced data analytics to business intelligence (BI) tools. These systems and software tools are reshaping how modern businesses operate.

Plus, rapid innovation and technology advancement mean these systems are constantly evolving through new iterations. MIS students get up-to-date, hands-on experience with these cutting-edge software tools and platforms as they evolve, keeping ahead of the technological curve.

This high level of competence and experience with the most current and effective technology-based solutions on the market is in extremely high demand. Given management information systems’ value in the current market, an M.S. degree in MIS can positively impact a graduate’s career trajectory.

  1. Prepare for SAP Global Certification

Lamar University’s online M.S. in MIS emphasizes SAP’s technology-based solutions (for example, SAP S/4HANA Cloud ERP System). In addition, Lamar University is a member of SAP University Alliances, which gives students access to a great deal of SAP’s global resources and networks.

The degree program’s SAP-enabled courses are designed to prepare students for SAP TS410 – Integrated Business Processes in SAP S/4HANA certification. According to SAP, “globally, 92% of Fortune 2000 companies and 98% of the 100 most-valued brands use SAP solutions,” making this certification a powerful credential for career advancement on an international scale.

  1. Boost Career Versatility and Security

Establishing your expertise and standing in the field with an M.S. in MIS can give you a level of job versatility unique to such specialized occupations. According to the Indeed Career Guide, “Having a job in the management information systems field gives you the chance to work for a variety of companies in a multitude of industries.”

As Indeed explains, the MIS field “serves as the core of any organization.” Every industry needs MIS professionals, from governmental agencies to nonprofits and small businesses to multinational corporations. Having versatile industry options to work in can exponentially expand one’s professional opportunities. Options also foster career versatility and flexibility, providing a great deal of job security.

  1. Advance to Leadership Positions

Lamar University’s MIS coursework emphasizes the application of technology-based solutions to improve business outcomes. Students examine how professionals can use predictive analytics and business intelligence tools to inform strategic, data-driven decision-making. The purpose of fluency in ERP, CRM and other such systems is understanding exactly how they can help an organization optimize operations, maximize efficiency and drive growth.

Educators have designed these MIS studies to prepare professionals for leadership roles in all types of organizations. Elective courses focus on topics like supply chain management, healthcare information systems and cybersecurity management. Students can tailor studies to industry-specific leadership roles. Or, they can apply their knowledge of information systems, technologies and managerial practices to pursue executive-level technology and information leadership positions.

  1. Increase Your Income Potential

Compensation and potential return on investment (ROI) for highly educated MIS professionals with advanced managerial and leadership skills are substantial. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual pay for computer and information systems managers was $151,150 in 2020.

Plus, bonuses and additional compensation can increase this figure substantially. reports that the median total compensation (salary, bonuses, benefits, etc.) of chief technology officers was over $385,000 annually as of September 2021.

These five reasons to consider a degree in MIS demonstrate the potential benefits a quality degree program found at Lamar University can offer. For those interested in this intersection of technology and business, earning an M.S. in MIS can facilitate a great deal of opportunity in a burgeoning, lucrative field.

Learn more about Lamar University’s M.S. in MIS online program.

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