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The Rising Demand for Data Visualization Skills

Data visualization represents big data in easily digestible forms, such as infographics, graphs, maps and scorecards to highlight trends. When visuals and data work together, storytelling is combined with analysis to purposefully convey the right message. Since business is driven by data, recent graduates who have hands-on experience in visual analytics, basic data visualization and visual data storytelling have an advantage over their competition in the workforce.

An online Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems (BBA in MIS) from Lamar University can help students develop an in-demand combination of technical computer skills and aptitudes in business analytics tools and methods, including data visualization. This online program explores the business practices, tools and technology that are required to keep modern organizations and businesses running smoothly.

Why Data Visualization Is Important

Data visualization, also known as dataviz, translates data and communicates it via a visual representation of the information. A visual representation of data can be a graph, chart, table or any other visual aid. By using data visualization, transmitting data information can be done in an engaging way that highlights key insights without having a statistics-heavy presentation. Professionals can use the information to detect outliers, explore data structures, identify trends, evaluate model output and present results. Insight gleaned from this type of information can help business leaders leverage their information knowledge and make data-informed decisions.

Data visualization is used in business to track changes over time, determine correlations, spot audience clusters and provide a means to distribute information. Professionals with data visualization skills can help improve business outcomes by providing management with the actionable information needed to respond quickly to shifts in the market. When data is presented in a visual format that is easy to understand and interpret, decision makers can make changes based on useful information that’s right in front of them.

Professionals with honed data visualization expertise are in high demand since businesses are increasingly reliant on big data, information systems and other advancing data technologies. According to Digital Journal, “the global data visualization market size is expected to reach USD 20.16 billion in 2028.” This is due to the increasing need to make decisions quickly, the growing demand for cloud computing and business’ heavy reliance on digital platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The increased amount of data that is produced from apps, social media platforms and blogs can be valuable to any professional who wants to analyze and compile information in a useful way. Dataviz isn’t just for tech companies and finance organizations. It’s a way for any business to make sense of its data and analyze it in a better way.

A strong visual representation of data can help a company increase their bottom line by improving business decision making. Since some people process visual information better than text, dataviz can help business leaders make informed decisions more efficiently, avoiding wasted time slogging through reports. Making sense of patterns in data can help businesses understand where they need to improve and where they are doing well. This understanding can help drive an organization forward.

How Lamar University Can Help

Lamar University’s hands-on, 100% online BBA in MIS program can help students develop highly marketable skills that are useful in any role involving data analytics. The program’s Data Visualization class as part of the Business Analytics Track introduces students to critical design principles for creating meaningful displays of data to help business professionals make informed decisions. No matter the industry, using analytics tools and software to track finances, extract and analyze data and create more efficient operations is necessary to keep a business running smoothly.

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