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Benefits of a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice


Are you interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice? If so, you might consider enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program like Lamar University’s online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ). This program can help prepare you for the numerous challenges faced by law enforcement professionals every day. Plus, having a criminal justice degree can greatly improve your chances when entering a competitive job market.

Or perhaps, you are a working law enforcement professional looking to advance in your career. Earning a bachelor’s degree can open up many job opportunities, leading to substantial career growth. Whether you are an aspiring or working law enforcement professional, earning a BSCJ online from Lamar University can equip you with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to pursue your career goals.

What Will I Learn That Will Help Me as a Law Enforcement Professional?

Lamar University’s BSCJ includes coursework in general education topics as well as coursework focused on criminal justice and plenty of elective options to concentrate on your interests and goals.

The program builds off a foundation in criminal justice basics. Students then delve further into the study of specific topics like court systems, correctional systems, police systems and criminal investigations. Advanced criminal justice study focuses more in depth on subjects like criminal and deviant behavior, ethical and contemporary issues in criminal justice, organized crime, administration, report writing, judicial processes, and juvenile delinquency.

This rigorous study of a broad array of criminal justice topics is designed to prepare you for the complexities of law enforcement work across a wide variety of career paths. The topical study is further augmented by internships and the like, allowing you to integrate the knowledge and skills you gain into real-life experience.

How Will I Benefit from General Education Coursework?

Although you may only be interested in topics that pertain to your chosen career, it is important to consider how general education courses can also help you in various roles in law enforcement.

For instance, learning how to write clearly and efficiently through composition and writing coursework will help you when writing reports — a time-consuming responsibility for law enforcement professionals. Interpersonal communications and public speaking coursework will also assist you immensely, whether as an officer in the field, in a leadership role within your department, or at the administrative level when interacting with subordinates and the public alike. Accounting and organizational leadership are also important areas of study for future law enforcement administrators.

As for specialized positions in law enforcement, the study of chemistry, biology, physics and even digital photography can be necessary for those entering the forensic sciences. Psychology and social work coursework is important for correctional officers working with inmates as well as those pursuing a career in criminal psychology. The benefits of a broad general education foundation are nearly endless for BSCJ graduates and the careers they pursue.

How Can Earning a BSPH Lead to Increased Job Opportunities?

Although many entry level law enforcement positions only require a high school diploma or GED, a bachelor’s degree is quickly becoming a necessity. This degree can put you ahead of the competition in the job application process. And it is vitally important in more competitive job markets (often being the most lucrative). More sought-after specialty roles in law enforcement often require that applicants have a bachelor’s degree, as do federal agencies like the FBI.

All in all, earning a BSCJ can improve your career prospects and opportunities in the field of criminal justice. Jobs in this field, especially the more specialized and advanced career paths, are generally stable and offer good benefits, regularized raises, and promotion opportunities. This multifaceted study and practice-based degree program can prepare graduates to be effective in their law enforcement roles and the roles they may advance to in the future.

Learn more about Lamar University’s online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program.


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