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Grow Your Understanding of the Criminal Justice System

As your career in criminal justice progresses, you may be considering other avenues you could take, perhaps a position with the FBI, CIA or other federal security agency. At this point you may be considering a master’s degree in criminal justice to gain deeper insight into the criminal justice system. The coursework for a master’s degree in criminal justice not only focuses on practical skills, it also examines the role of governmental and non-governmental organizations, policies and areas where reform may be necessary.

What You Can Expect from Coursework

Coursework for a master’s degree in criminal justice includes the study of the criminal justice system and its policies. You can expect to gain a better understanding of the unique issues and challenges facing the criminal justice system today, including how both public agencies and private entities work together to create an interdependent network. You will learn how planning, analysis, and the cooperation of local, regional and state workers makes that network more effective.

Agencies rely on analytical tools to reduce the likelihood of future criminal activity. Master’s degree candidates learn how to use these tools to gather data on the behavior and attitudes of offenders as well as how that information, along with criminal history, can help assess levels of risk. Candidates also learn how databases measure the specific demands that agencies will need to address.

Other areas of study include levels of severity of correctional issues and how local and federal officials manage critical procedures. Mental health, human trafficking, drug use, and juvenile detention reform also figure into a program’s curriculum.

Terrorism also continues to be a strong focus in the criminal justice system. The 22 federal agencies that have combined to form the Department of Homeland Security, and what their national efforts include, also comprise a timely and relevant course of study that degree candidates can expect.

The criminal justice system in the United States requires strict ethics training in its law enforcement offices at all levels. Degree candidates can expect to learn about police and constitutional law as it relates to ethics and criminal justice leadership as well as what local, state and federal leaders are doing to mandate and regulate ethics training to ensure that their departments demonstrate impartial service at all times.

As you consider your decision to pursue a career with a federal security agency, perhaps even with the FBI or CIA, keep in mind how additional education can benefit you. A master’s degree program in criminal justice will offer coursework on the criminal justice system and its policies, which includes a range of topics both practical and theoretical.

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