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Become an ERP Leader With an MBA


Across industries, businesses of all sizes are increasingly dependent on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to integrate business functions, drive efficient workflows, create stronger collaboration between departments, and provide data analytics tools and insights for smarter business decision-making.

The Need for Qualified ERP Leaders

As important as ERP systems are, however, businesses are struggling to implement new solutions successfully, and to do so within established budgets. Nearly 50% of implementations fail the first time around. ERP implementations take 30% longer than estimated on average, and about 65% of the time, implementations go over budget. For many users, ERP systems fall short on analytics and data accuracy, even though they were designed to excel in these areas. Clearly, better training is needed for the managers and leaders involved in the implementation, system training, ERP strategy and team management processes.

Lamar University Provides In-Demand ERP Leadership Skills

Lamar University’s MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning online program trains students in the hard (technical) and soft (leadership) skills required of ERP leaders. Students learn the principles and use of ERP systems and software solutions, as well as data analytics — high-demand skill sets in today’s ERP and data-driven workforce. They learn how to work with senior leadership to implement change management, plan ERP implementations, allocate resources and organize strategic teams. They learn how to analyze business requirements, control project scope, manage risk, and communicate project needs to direct reports and other project stakeholders. They are also trained in managing the enterprise technical architecture of ERP solutions. The capability qualifies such managers to work for ERP solutions providers or the companies that purchase and use such systems.

Specialized Coursework for Intensive ERP Management Preparation

In addition to the MBA core courses, the program features four specialized courses that provide the training employers require for ERP management and leadership roles. As a student, you will gain intensive training in the use of a variety of SAP applications, including NetWeaver, Visual Composer, Data Warehousing and Business Information Warehouse solutions, and supply chain management platforms. The online program offers students the opportunity to complete a two-week SAP ERP Academy. Doing so prepares them to become certified in business process integration using 16 different SAP modules. This certification is in high demand for many ERP leadership roles.

The specialized courses cover the following topics:

  • Current Topics in MIS: Covers new technologies and current trends in the design, development and implementation of information systems.
  • ERP E-Commerce: Includes the major opportunities, limitations, issues and risks associated with e-commerce as well as hands-on experience developing web-based applications.
  • Business Intelligence: An exploration of the user-centered process of working with data, data relationships and trends, thereby helping to improve overall decision-making.
  • Supply Chain Management: An integrative view of the purchasing and logistic functions and the role they play in the overall operations of the organization.

Salary and Compensation

The median yearly salary for ERP project managers with an MBA ranges from $131,995 to $140,800 in the United States, according to February 2020 data from, which also states that roughly 50% of ERP project managers have a master’s degree.

If you aspire to a high-demand, high-paying field that will challenge your mind and reward your need for achievement, a specialized ERP-management MBA may be the right investment to make in your career.

Learn more about Lamar University’s online MBA program in Enterprise Resource Planning.


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