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What Does a Supply Chain Manager Do?

The role of a supply chain manager is a big one. According to the Robert Walters consultancy, supply chain leaders both manage and organize “the activities involved with the identification, acquisition, production, and distribution of goods companies provide to their customers.” Those interested in supply chain management can develop the qualifications the position requires in an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program. Supply chain managers are essentially responsible for every part of a company’s production and fulfillment processes, which requires advanced understanding of the resources and methods of production.

The Role of a Supply Chain Manager

The job responsibilities of a supply chain manager include the following:

  • Planning production volumes.
  • Purchasing the raw materials needed to produce goods.
  • Supervising the manufacturing process.
  • Directing transportation and delivery.
  • Determining storage and market volume needs.
  • Managing customer service.
  • Contributing to marketing efforts.

The role of a supply chain manager may also involve day-to-day activities such as walking the production floor to determine necessary tools and equipment improvements as well as which raw materials are in low supply. Although a supply chain manager works out of an office, it is usually within a manufacturing facility, and if the company possesses multiple manufacturing sites, the supply chain manager may need to travel to fulfill his or her duties.

Online MBA Program

Supply chain managers have their hands in every part of the production process; as a result, they play a major role in business and affect nearly every aspect of a company. The role of a supply chain manager requires good planning and organizational skills, leadership, strong communication, problem solving and proficiency in math, as well as experience using spreadsheets and databases. Those interested in supply chain management can develop these and other skills effectively in an MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning online program, where experienced faculty bring real-world experience to course discussions and assignments.

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