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What is an MBA in ERP?

Since the advent of internet technology, companies have become more reliant on greater amounts of data, as well as the integration of all business functions. It can be a challenge for businesses to collect and analyze data received from diverse functions across a company, such as sales, design, inventory, human resources and scheduling. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) enables companies to integrate all of the various information systems into a single, shared database. As you consider your career options, know that numerous organizations are looking to hire professionals with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) skills. An ERP-focused online MBA program can provide graduates with desirable skills.

What Are the Objectives of an Online MBA program in ERP?

In an online MBA program in Enterprise Resource Planning, you can expect to gain the leadership, management and financial skills covered in most MBA programs along with expertise in the principles and use of data analytics — a high-demand skill set in today’s data-driven workforce. You will gain intensive training in the use of the following applications and concepts:

  • NetWeaver, Visual Composer and other SAP applications
  • Data warehousing
  • Business information warehouse solutions
  • Supply chain management platforms

You will also complete a two-week SAP ERP Academy, which will prepare you to become certified in business process integration using multiple SAP modules.

The salary potential is strong for graduates of an online MBA program in ERP. You may find a job as a business analyst, financial consultant or resource manager, working in customer support, consulting, service delivery management or sales leadership. In addition, you may choose to specialize in supply chain management, distribution, manufacturing or financial management. Given the rapid growth and evolution of the technology industry, a career in ERP can be a rewarding choice for individuals who have an interest in both business and technology.

Learn more about Lamar University’s online MBA in ERP program.


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