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Master of Business Administration in Enterprise Resource Planning online

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an essential part of contemporary business strategy. Lamar University's MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning online degree program provides core business skills while focusing on technology platforms and data analytics to integrate all facets of a business or organization.

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Limited Time Special Offer

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Since the advent of internet technology, companies have become more reliant on greater amounts of data, as well as the integration of all business functions. In Lamar University's MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning online program, you will gain the leadership, management and financial skills required in most MBA programs along with expertise in the principles and use of data analytics – a high-demand skill set in today's data-driven workforce. Through six specialized courses, you will gain intensive training in the use and applications of a variety of SAP applications, including NetWeaver, Visual Composer, Data Warehousing and Business Information Warehouse solutions and supply chain management platforms. You will also have the opportunity to complete a two-week SAP ERP Academy during which you will prepare to become certified in business process integration using 16 different SAP modules.

Lamar University's College of Business is fully accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). Due in large part to Lamar University's commitment to quality and nationally recognized faculty, the Lamar University MBA has been ranked in the Top 10 in the State of Texas, and The Princeton Review ranked Lamar University's College of Business as one of the Top 294 Business Schools in the nation. Beyond Grey Pinstripes ranked Lamar University 81 in its "Global 100" list for 2011-2012.

Program Advantages

  • 100% online courses allow you to study and attend lectures around your busy schedule with accelerated 8-week course format that allows you to graduate faster than in a traditional campus-based program. MBA students with an undergraduate business degree can earn their MBA in as few as 16 months.
  • Same nationally recognized faculty who teach on campus
  • Lamar University is a recognized leader in online education, providing students with opportunities to grow their careers through high-quality, affordable online degree programs
  • Lamar University's College of Business is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International) – the international gold standard of business school accreditation

Related Degrees

*Price does not include leveling courses (if required). Distance learning fee is included in the tuition listed.

Online Courses

The MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning online features graduate-level business coursework that includes finance, marketing, economics and accounting, along with specialized ERP training that includes supply chain management, e-commerce functionality and development, and analytics. Students with non-business undergraduate degrees may be required to take additional leveling courses.

Leveling Courses

Students with non-business undergraduate degrees may be required to take three leveling courses – ACCT 5315, ECON 5300 and FINC 5300. An optional self-paced leveling course, BULW 5300, is also available. All international students are required to take BCOM 5300.

ACCT 5315 Financial Accounting

Concepts of financial accounting. Emphasis is on the conceptual framework of accounting and preparation and uses of financial statements. Additional topics include, Managerial Accounting and Cost Concepts, Cost Volume Profit Analysis, Flexible Budgets and Standard Costs and Variance Analysis.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
ECON 5300 Microeconomic Principles

Introduction to economic principles, allocation of resources, determination of output and prices, distribution and managerial economics. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
FINC 5300 Foundations of Finance

A survey of the financial management function in private business firms, with emphasis on major financial policy decision issues and the analytical techniques used to assist management in making those decisions. Prerequisite: Graduate standing, ACCT 5315, ECON 5300 or undergraduate equivalent.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
BULW 5300 Legal Environment of Business

A survey of the legal environment of business including concepts of legal rules, the legal framework to resolve disputes, a study of the concept of property rights, contracts, commercial paper, agency and employment laws, government regulation of business through administrative agencies, and introduction to international law. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
BCOM 5300 Business Communication

Communication theory and practice with emphasis on variables affecting organizational communications. Intrapersonal, organization, and technological dimensions of communications. Specific areas include cultural and international differences in communication; one-to-one, small group and large group communications; formal and informal networks; electronic transmission; business letters and memoranda; and research papers and formal reports.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MBA Core Courses
ACCT 5370 Managerial Accounting

Application of accounting data in decision making; cost analysis as applied in the development of budgets and standards; accounting as a tool for cost and pricing; case problems, using the microcomputer as a decision-making tool, which require students to interpret and discuss their analysis in the context of managerial decision-making. Prerequisite: Graduate standing and ACCT 5315 or equivalent.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
BUAL 5380 Managerial Decision Making

This course provides a study of statistical concepts and methods to facilitate decision making. The course provide students with an understanding of concepts and quantitative tools required in the decision making process. It also helps the students devolve the ability to understand and apply several statistical tools and procedures to several decision making situation I the business world. Students will be familiar to several business research process and tools which require thinking like a researcher. Students will be familiar to several statistical analyses from data collection, analyzing data, interpretation, and research reporting and management decision. Prerequisite: Graduate standing and BUAL 2310 and approval of advisor.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
ECON 5370 Managerial Economics

A study in the depth of the principles and techniques of economics analysis applicable to the problems of business management. Prerequisite: Graduate standing, ECON 5300.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
FINC 5310 Financial Management

A study of the financial policy of business firms along with the theory supporting that policy. Topics include capital budgeting, capital structure, cost of capital, dividend policy, and management of working capital, as well. Prerequisite: Graduate standing, FINC 5300 or equivalent.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MKTG 5310 Marketing Management

An intensive study of specific marketing concepts and theories. Marketing strategies for the national and multinational firms are surveyed. Emphasis is placed on reading from current journals and other related publications. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MGMT 5340 International Business

This course will be taught as a combination of lecture and interactive seminar at a master’s level. The primary goal of this course is to develop effective management techniques and practices in the international and/or cross-cultural business context. At the same time, this course will strengthen students’ abilities to summarize, critique, and evaluate current managerial practices and issues relevant to international management. Each student will have the opportunity to communicate his/her ideas and thoughts about the assigned readings to others. Likewise, every one will be expected to listen both critically and positively to other students’ thoughts and ideas. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MGMT 5380 Strategic Management

The capstone course for the MBA. The course assumes that the company success depends upon formulation of an astute "game plan" and the ability to implement and execute that game pan proficiently. The purpose of the class is to enable students to “think strategically,” consider the total enterprise, and to make long-term decisions in a global market environment. A prerequisite for the integrative case study. Prerequisite: Must be in last semester of course work and have approval of advisor.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MISY 5340 ERP Overview

This course will provide students an overview of the fundamental business processes and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems used to run organizations. The course will begin with an overview of business processes across the supply chain, and then will show how integrated processes create value, and finally the last third of the semester will be spent to demonstrate how these integrated processes fit into ERP systems by assigning students to participate in an ERP simulation system (ERPsim) strategy game.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning Courses
MISY 5390 Current Topics In MIS

This course is designed to cover new technologies and current trends in the design, development and implementation of Information Systems in a business environment. Offered: Summer

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MISY 5350 ERP E-Commerce

Organizations find the need to develop custom "front end" web based applications to add functionality to and make their ERP systems more user friendly. This course will provide students with the conceptual foundation as well as hands on experience at developing these web based applications. The course teaches SAP NetWeaver and SAP Visual Composer. With SAP NetWeaver Portal, you can quickly and effectively integrate SAP solutions, third-party applications, legacy systems, databases, unstructured documents, internal and external Web content, and collaboration tools. SAP Visual Composer is a powerful design tool that facilitates the creation of portal content using a graphical user interface, rather than manually writing code. It provides sophisticated, yet simple-to-use tools for creating portal iViews that process data from back-end systems such as R/3 and BW, as well as external sources such as relational databases and Web services.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MISY 5360 Business Intelligence

This course will expose students to business intelligence which is defined as the user-centered process of exploring data, data relationships and trends - thereby helping to improve overall decision making. This involves an iterative process of accessing data (ideally stored in the data warehouse) and analyzing it- thereby deriving insights, drawing conclusions and communicating findings - to effect change positively within the enterprise. BI is comprised of four major product segments: interactive query tools, reporting tools, advanced Decision Support Systems, and Executive Support Systems. In this course, we will use SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW), a major enterprise software applications for Business Intelligence, analytical, reporting and Data Warehousing (DW) solution.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3
MGMT 5370 Supply Chain Management

The primary objective of this course is to provide students with an integrative view of the purchasing and logistic functions and the role they play in the overall operations of the organization. The use and applications of information systems (SAP ECC) in the purchasing and logistic functions is included in the course. The information system will provide a foundation for the understanding of the integrative nature of the business organization today.

Duration: 8 weeks
Credit Hours: 3


There are several opportunities to begin Lamar University's online MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning program online. Find the start date below that works best for you and apply before the application deadline associated with it.

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Total program cost without leveling courses


Total program cost with leveling courses

In addition to the textbook, some courses may require ancillary course materials that may range up to $150 each. Use of additional resources are at the discretion of each professor.

*Total program cost with leveling courses is $16,470. Price shown includes the $900 Career Changer scholarship.

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