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A Liberal Arts Degree Can Be an Asset in Technology Fields


Some of history’s most groundbreaking ideas came not from training and experience but from creativity. Engineers and scientists have experience and knowledge, but they often lack the creativity for big ideas. Other technology workers have all the training they need to perform their jobs, but they could benefit from that extra spark of creativity. A liberal arts degree could be the experience that you need to gain a competitive edge in the technology field.


Some students and professionals think a liberal arts degree isn’t valuable; however, this is not true. Increasingly, large corporations and technology companies are looking to hire adaptive individuals with people skills. These companies want a human touch—someone compatible with other people who can also develop new ideas.


These are all skills you can acquire with a liberal arts degree. An article by Fast Company writer Elizabeth Segran states that “tech CEOs across the country agree that liberal arts training–with its emphasis on creativity and critical thinking–is vital to the success of their business.”


A business needs to adapt with its consumer base in order to grow; it has to know what people want and stand out among its competitors. This requires creative thinking, especially when the tech field revolves around user comfort. For example Anna Pickard, a former aspiring actress, gave up theater and joined the tech field, offering her creativity to Slack Technologies. Her unique approach to the field gave Slack the creative edge that many tech companies seek.


Earning a liberal arts degree is more convenient today than ever. Institutions like Lamar University offer online liberal arts programs that enable students to continue working while pursuing their degrees. These online courses teach students communication skills, advertising practices and media writing, among others—skills that tech companies value.


Contrary to the misconception that liberal arts degrees are useless, most successful tech companies seek graduates from liberal arts programs. These programs teach their students to think outside the box, which, these days, is what businesses need to stand out.







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