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What Is a B.S. in University Studies?

Are you seeking a bachelor’s degree program with excellent career prospects and job options beyond traditional university majors? Would you like to raise your career earnings potential and be more resistant to economic downturns? Do you want an academic program that challenges your intellectual aptitudes and appeals to your personal passions?

The Lamar University Bachelor of Science in University Studies online program offers a comprehensive core curriculum with opportunities to select courses. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or a working professional looking for a career change, this program sets you up for success by expanding your knowledge base in areas that sync with your interests, abilities and previous experience. Students can complete the program in as few as two years.

Students can choose from these professional areas of study for their university studies degree:

Multidisciplinary: This option enables you to explore your true career goals and customize electives across subjects including history, arts, humanities and applied sciences. This focus area develops the transferable skills employers seek including critical thinking, problem-solving and effective communication, enabling you to work in settings like healthcare, education, finance, management and software.

Ethnicity, Race and Gender: The benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and social justice are among the dominant topics of our time and an area of impressive job growth for those who would like to help create and build an enriched, inclusive society for all. Students choose this option to prepare for careers in human resources, consulting, community or city planning and diversity leadership.

Human Development: If you are considering a future in corporate training, advocacy, family and consumer services or teaching, this area of study encompasses a range of key subjects — from counseling, teaching and social work — that offer a foundation to continue with additional certifications or graduate-level degrees for career advancement and employment.

Organizational Leadership: Would you like to take on a leadership position in a business following graduation? The organizational leadership area of study is ideal for students with business backgrounds and aspirations. The curriculum covers communications, management and social and behavioral sciences, imparting in-demand, transferable skills.

Social and Behavioral Sciences: Fascinated by what makes people do what they do? This multifaceted exploration of the social and behavioral sciences includes courses in history, anthropology, economics, criminal justice, political science, psychology and social work to prepare you for work in settings ranging from public service agencies and criminal justice to human resources.

Lamar University’s B.S. in University Studies program features quality instruction from supportive faculty and offers three start dates per year. If you are ready to pursue a high-growth, fascinating area of interest, consider starting your future in this program.

Learn more about Lamar University’s online Bachelor of Science in University Studies program.


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