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Achieve Your Education Goals In an Online Bachelor’s Degree Program

An online Bachelor of Science in University Studies degree comes with many benefits that can sometimes be difficult to quantify. For example, while there are the financial and career benefits of earning a degree, there are also personal development milestones that a bachelor’s degree helps students achieve. As a student travels the path to higher education, they learn hard and soft skills that affect how they handle everyday challenges. From the way you organize your day, to the way you solve unexpected problems, a bachelor’s degree in university studies is more than a steppingstone in professional development — it is a means to achieve life goals.

Adding to Life Skills

Critical thinking skills are useful beyond solving word problems. Learning how to think critically is one of the most valuable skills an education can provide. Logic, backed by evidence and facts, is crucial in today’s information-driven world. A proper education also teaches healthy skepticism and how to dig for deeper meaning. This is especially useful for anyone who must deal with data and research. The ability to distinguish valid information from “noise” is one of the greatest benefits of earning a university studies degree.

A Defined Need

A National Association of Colleges and Employers job outlook report projects a 7.2% hiring increase of new college graduates for 2021. The report also indicates that 30% of survey respondents plan to hire more new college graduates. The Society for Human Resource Management notes that job demands in fields where a B.S. in university studies can give you a distinct advantage, like social sciences, communications, humanities, supply chain management, and business administration, are all expected to see significant increases in hiring.

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree Online

Earning an online university studies bachelor’s degree can not only lead to professional development but also personal growth. You can acquire enduring skills that you can then apply to every aspect of your life and the world around you. And, as the need for small businesses continues to grow, these skills can become the foundation to launch your own business if you choose.

Learn more about Lamar University’s Bachelor of Science in University Studies online program.


National Association of Colleges and Employers: College Hiring Rebounds From Fall Projections to Increase 7.2%

SHRM: Class of 2021 Starting Salaries Rebound


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