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Career Options for Graduates with a B.S. in University Studies


A generalized undergraduate degree can offer graduates a great deal of versatility in potential career paths. Lamar University’s online Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in University Studies program takes generalized study a step further, allowing students to choose between seven professional areas of study.

Students can take advantage of generalized degree benefits while tailoring advanced studies to their interests and career goals. The widely applicable skills and knowledge students gain can be invaluable in pursuing various modern, rewarding careers.

What Makes a B.S. in University Studies a Versatile Degree?

The generalized study components of a B.S. in University Studies help students gain transferable talents they can apply to any job. Students practice critical thinking, teamwork, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, oral and written communication, cultural literacy and leadership.

These “soft skills” are essential for success in any professional role. As such, soft skills like those listed above rank highest among the skills today’s employers value most. This is evidenced consistently by studies and employer surveys from job sites and organizations like:

Students in Lamar University’s online program apply their transferable skills to multiple disciplines. This deepens skill development and gives students the ability to utilize knowledge in different environments and professional settings.

Such adaptability, flexibility and the drive to continuously learn also rank highly on employers’ skill and attribute wish lists. These are especially pronounced given the constant disruption of late from technological innovations and the COVID-19 pandemic, for example.

What Are Some Potential Career Paths for Graduates?

Students choose from a handful of professional specialties in Lamar University’s B.S. in University Studies program: multidisciplinary; ethnicity, race and gender; human development; organizational leadership; and social and behavioral sciences. The diversity of choices demonstrates the variety of potential career paths for graduates.

One specialization option is the Multidisciplinary Studies area. This specialty emphasizes transferable skill development combined with various studies to customize and personalize each student’s degree. Graduates can apply knowledge to careers in everything from software to business management, depending on their interests.

Another unique professional specialty focuses on Ethnicity, Race and Gender — an extremely relevant area of study. Graduates are well prepared to pursue diversity leadership or consultancy roles with public, private and nonprofit organizations. Community organizing and city planning are also logical applications of these studies.

Further professional specialties can prepare graduates for careers in a number of fields, including PR, human resources, and business development. Yet, the transferable skills in the university studies program give graduates lifelong versatility in job options, rather than a narrow career track offered by technical degrees.

Can this Degree Increase My Earning Potential?

Regardless of one’s career path, earning a bachelor’s degree tends to correlate with a sizable increase in income. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median earnings of high school graduates aged 25 and older with no college degree was $792 a week in the first quarter of 2021. Comparatively, the median earnings of those with a bachelor’s degree was $1,296 a week. Given this, bachelor’s holders made a median of $26,208 more annually than workers without bachelor’s degrees.

The income difference between associate and bachelor’s degree holders is also substantial, even within general studies degrees. Data from 2021 from PayScale shows that professionals with a bachelor of university studies degree make an average of $13,000 more annually than those with an associate’s in general studies.

Clearly, earning a college degree in university studies is a worthwhile endeavor. The wage premium of earning a bachelor’s degree is significant. The transferable skills and versatility developed through LU’s University Studies program can open a wide array of career options. Graduates will have both specialized and generalized knowledge that will prove crucial for navigating today’s disruptive, ever-changing job market.

Learn more about Lamar University’s Bachelor of Science in University Studies online program.


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