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Do You Want to Be a Manager?

Not everyone can be a successful leader. Some are natural leaders, some would like to lead but just don’t have what it takes, and others simply have no interest in management. If you are currently considering a managerial position, there are pros and cons you should consider when weighing the significant responsibilities of leadership.

What to Consider?

If you are intent on becoming the boss, you will need to set new boundaries with your former peers. Be prepared for animosity from some of those you once worked with side by side. In addition, do not allow your friends to abuse your authority for their own gain. As you weigh the pros and cons of a managerial position, consider whether you are ready to deal with the responsibility of managing co-workers unaccustomed to your new role.

While your previous position may have revolved around the idea that the customer is always right, after becoming the boss, you will find that there is more at play than simply what the customer wants; these new considerations will complicate each of your managerial decisions. Good managers know how to navigate no-win situations with as little collateral damage to employees and clients as possible.

Consider also why you want to be a manager: is it for prestige, ambition, money, or is it because you believe you can make a positive contribution to the company? Assuming a management role for any reason other than the improvement of the company is likely to lead to both personal and professional dissatisfaction.

Becoming the Boss

As a first-time manager, keep these three important tips in mind:

  • Go into the position with a vision and a strategy to implement it.
  • Learn the business before making big changes.
  • Meet with each team member to discuss individual goals — even if you have worked together before.

As you contemplate becoming the boss, ask yourself whether you are ready to lead through meaningful choices. As a first-time manager, you will face many new responsibilities, so go in confident and prepared.

Up to the Task

If you decide that you are ready to take on more responsibilities and duties, one way to show your own bosses that you are up to the challenge is to take steps to prepare yourself for the role. You should ask for more responsibilities, ask to be on the big projects, and do well in those areas. If you do not already have advanced education or training, now is a good time to consider it. Depending on your organization and field, an advanced degree such as an MBA may be beneficial or even required.

Finally, be sure to let your superiors know that you are interested in advancing your career and managing others. It’s important to communicate your goals and aspirations. If your manager thinks you are not interested in managing others, he or she is very unlikely to put you on that path.

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Harvard Business Review: Are You Sure You Want to Be a Manager?

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