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Develop Leadership Skills With an Online MBA

An online Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management program prepares professionals for many of the challenges they face in the business world, from keeping up with and leveraging emerging technologies to adapting to hybrid workplace models. One of the greatest challenges for businesspeople with high-level aspirations is the ability to lead. Leaders can make or break companies. An effective leader is a catalyst for implementing change, moving projects forward and successfully running any operation.

What Does a Good Leader Look Like?

Lamar University’s online MBA in Management program includes courses devoted to developing leadership skills and principles. Good leaders serve the company, motivate employees, act honorably and strive to create a positive, inclusive and collaborative workplace culture. They take personal responsibility when mistakes happen. Leaders also inspire employees to do their best while providing direction and defining shared goals.

What Can a Strong Leader Achieve?

Good leaders clearly communicate the company’s strategy and how each person contributes to the company’s success. Understanding key leadership principles helps managers communicate a vision to employees and bring them on board with driving the company forward.

Leaders must also be trustworthy, self-aware and authentic. Employees who don’t trust the leadership may not stay with the company. Trust is the foundation of real relationships, which form the bedrock of collaborative, productive teams.

Different Methods to Learn Leadership Skills

There are many ways for students to learn core leadership principles in an online MBA program. For instance, Lamar University’s Personal Leadership course can help students explore their own authentic leadership styles. Understanding your leadership style enables you to improve weaknesses and hone strengths.

Lamar University’s Team Leadership course gives students the opportunity to examine the FranklinCovey “4 Imperatives of Great Leaders.” These studies show students the many components and benefits of building trusting, goal-aligned teams while supporting employee growth, development and well-being.

Online MBA leadership course assignments may include presentations, case studies, reports and team-building projects. Analyzing other leaders and what has worked for them is also an effective way to develop leadership skills.

Put Your Leadership Skills to Work

Many online MBA students are working professionals who can practice their leadership skills in their current workplace. MBA programs are placing emphasis on teaching leadership because it is an important component of success. Top employers highly value leadership skills and the employees that demonstrate those skills, as evidenced by reports like GMAC’s 2023 Corporate Recruiters Survey.

MBA graduates may pursue management, administrative, executive and entrepreneurial positions. Professionals in all these roles must know how to lead others. To be successful, leaders must be inspiring, show others how to do the job and provide the tools to get the job done. The leadership tools acquired while pursuing an advanced degree will be essential to success in the business world.

Learn more about Lamar University’s online MBA in Management program.

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